Sunday, May 04, 2014

May Day BLACK BLOC Protesters Threw Bottles, Rocks and Firecrackers at Seattle Cops Who Arrested 9 of The Goons.

Peaceful May Day demonstrations in Seattle descended into violence when a rogue group (BLACK BLOC) of protesters threw bottles, pipes, rocks and firecrackers at police, who arrested nine people, authorities said on Friday.

May Day 2014 BLACK BLOC Protesters Threw Bottles, Rocks and Firecrackers at Seattle Cops Who Arrested 9 of The Goons. FOX NEWS VIDEO: Private Investigator Bill Warner warns of possible violence at Tampa RNC with Black Bloc Terrorists Occupy Movment. Tampa cops were able to shut down the BLACK BLOC goons at the RNC, see video

CORRECTION May Day Immigration Marches Washington
Hundreds of protesters had marched in support of immigration rights and a rise in the minimum wage on Thursday afternoon, but early in the evening a second, "un-permitted" protest group began marching, police said on their website. The rogue group (BLACK BLOC) set dumpsters on fire, and hurled bottles, bricks and firecrackers at officers, who used pepper spray in response, police said.
2013 Seattle MayDay
Rallies across the United States are planned every year on May 1 to mark International Labor Day by a coalition of organized labor activists, students, civil rights advocates and members of the clergy. Last year protests in Seattle also turned violent. Eight officers were injured and 17 (BLACK BLOC) protesters arrested.

CHICAGO (AP) — Three (BLACK BLOC) protesters acquitted of terrorism for plotting Molotov cocktail attacks in Chicago during a NATO summit were sentenced to prison terms Friday of between five and eight years on lesser arson and mob-action charges. Among the targets the activists discussed attacking during the 2012 event, prosecutors say, was President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s house and police facilities. Despite their acquittals during a February trial on all terrorism counts — brought under a rarely used Illinois statute — the issue remained at the forefront of Friday’s five-hour sentencing hearing. Judge Thaddeus Wilson raised it himself in his remarks minutes before imposing the sentences, saying the plan to lob gas-filled bottles at the targets, had it been carried out, would have struck fear in the city.
All three (BLACK BLOC TERRORISTS) were convicted of the same charges, but Brian Church, 22, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., ended up getting the shortest sentence — five years. Jared Chase, 29, of Keene, N.H., got the longest, 8 years; and Brent Betterly, 26, of Oakland Park, got six years. Lead prosecutor Jack Blakey began his statement urging Wilson to hand all three men 14-year sentences by referring to the Boston Marathon bombings one year ago, which left three people dead and hundreds injured. “Why bring up Boston? Because in Boston there were no undercover (police) to intercede,” Blakey said.

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