Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Judge Ok's Use of Drones by Private Eyes to Catch Cheaters and Insurance Scammers.


NY POST: Private investigators are turning to the latest in technology — drones — to catch adulterers, insurance and workplace liars and even would-be child abusers. The Federal Aviation Administration has not yet allowed drones to be legally flown for commercial use. But a federal judge dismissed a $10,000 fine against a person who flew a drone for business reasons just a couple months ago. Now, a lot of businesses are taking advantage and flying drones for commercial reasons anyway, SEE http://nypost.com/2014/07/13/private-eyes-using-drones-to-nab-scammers-cheating-spouses/

One PI, Matthew Seifer, said he recently pretended to test-fly a drone in Central Park, while actually recording a husband who was in a passionate embrace with a woman who was not his wife. “We had to get in and get out real quick,” Mr. Seifer said in the New York Post report. “We deployed a drone for eight minutes and got five minutes’ worth of box video. That was the closure our client was looking for.”  Seifer operates several Phantom models, including the Phantom 2 Vision, and said drones are a “selling point” for clients. Firms like his are charging double for their use — hiking the hourly rate, SEE http://nypost.com/2014/07/13/private-eyes-using-drones-to-nab-scammers-cheating-spouses/

The Phantom 2 Vision is a remote controlled quad-copter with four, self-tightening rotors and GPS-supported stabilization to keep the built-in HD camera steady as you soar above the landscape. The Phantom 2 Vision streams live footage and photos from up to 300 meters away, direct to your smartphone, which can be housed in the remote control as a viewfinder, and you can even share content to social media while the insanely cool contraption is airborne. You can also control the drone's camera tilt control to capture exactly what the advertizing promises: an unprecedented photographic experience. Images from this gadget are going to blow everyone else's out of the water, cost $1,200.00 SEE http://www.androidpit.com/phantom-2-vision-drone

gadget phantom vision camera
This year, Seifer’s team sent a drone to Sheepshead Bay to record a dad drinking and partying on a boat with his kids.
The PI snapped the boat’s serial number and images of the kids, who were not wearing life jackets, from more than 300 yards away. Seifer’s footage has also busted criminals. He recently helped a homeowner in another state file an insurance claim against tenants accused of running a dogfighting ring. “We couldn’t get access to the back of the house through regular means,” Seifer said. “We utilized the drone to get evidentiary video of doghouses, chains and certain individuals.” He turned over footage to authorities, and four people were arrested. The tenant lost his lease, SEE http://nypost.com/2014/07/13/private-eyes-using-drones-to-nab-scammers-cheating-spouses/

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