Saturday, September 20, 2014

Muslim Con Man Mohammed Khalid Jamil Back With India Call Ctr Microsoft Scam 'Black Keyboard' Out of Dubai He Links to Muslim Terrorist Dawood Ibrahim.

scam boss
SCAM ALERT: Did 219-557-9212 call you during August or September 2014? Well he's back, after being arrested in the UK in March 2014, Muslim Conman Mohmmed Khalid Jamil who runs a Microsoft computer scam tricking people into paying for anti-virus software and had received a suspended four-month jail sentence is back with 'Black Keyboard' from a India Call center using phone number 219-557-9212 in the USA. The Debit Card transfer of $266.00 from my client for the fix was paid to 'Black Keyboard' Kolkata India on September 18th 2014 a FBI IC3 formal complaint has been filed.

Microsoft Computer Repair Scam hitting hard all across the USA in the last 30 days, see:
1). The Oregonian, September 16th, 2014, McMinnville police warn of Microsoft repair scam calls.
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7)., Sarasota Fl, September 18th, 2014, BLACK KEYBOARD MICROSOFT SCAM FROM INDIA CALL CENTER 219- 557-9212 WILL COST YOU $266.00

Mohammed Khalid Jamil, 34, from Luton, hired people at an Indian call centre to falsely tell victims their computers had a serious problem. "We believe it may be the first ever successful prosecution of someone involved in the Microsoft scam in the UK," said Lord Harris, chairman of the National Trading Standards Board, which oversees the work of the National Trading Standards e-crime team. "It's an important turning point for UK consumers who have been plagued by this scam, or variants of it, for several years.

Does Mr Big Muslim Computer Crime Boss Mohammed Khalid Jamil link to Indian Muslim Mafia Boss Dawood Ibrahim, did any of the cash go to support terrorism? Muslim Mafia boss Dawood Ibrahim runs the rackets in India, Karachi PK and in Dubai, all the places linked to Mr Big Muslim Computer Crime Boss Mohammed Khalid Jamil, small world, eh?

MIRROR UK NEWS: With cold callers based overseas who hide behind a smokescreen of lies, this is a rampant con that I thought might never result in a culprit being held to account. So what a delight to see a Microsoft scammer end up in a British court. Mohammed Khalid Jamil ran a gang that managed to turn over $1million a year by phoning people at home and convincing them that their computers had a virus which urgently needed tackling. Despite using cold callers in India and operating out of Dubai “for tax reasons” (Mafia Boss Dawood Ibrahim runs the rackets in Dubai), the crook was caught when experts in online crime followed the money trail to companies he’d set up in the UK. No one runs a big time money making international scam in Dubai unless Mafia Boss Dawood Ibrahim has his paw print on it.

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