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Media Frenzy: Investigators Call Murdered Karen Swift’s Husband David ‘Uncooperative and Suspicious’ But He Has Not Been Charged, Named a Suspect or Even Been Questioned.

The Media in Nashville, Memphis and the surrounding areas of Dyersburg TN is all up in a feeding frenzy the past few days as the 3rd anniversary of the unsolved murder of Karen Swift approached. Karen Swift appears to have been kidnapped and murdered on or about October 30th, 2011, there are no suspects, no person of interest including Karen's husband David Swift, in fact the Dyersburg County Sheriff Jeff Box appears to have no clues at all that can be used to indict someone, anyone. David Swift denies any wrongdoing and I believe him.

Dyer County’s Chief Investigator Terry McCreight seen in photo above sitting in front of the Obama sign:
Crack reporter  at CBS WREG Memphis Channel 3 writes...DYER COUNTY, Tenn. — Karen Swift spent her last night alive at a Halloween party with friends at The Farms Clubhouse. She wasn’t with her husband. Karen’s first stop after the party was her friend’s house to pick up her car, and the second stop was to pick up her daughter from a Halloween party. The mother of four then returned to her Newbern home, where Dyer County’s Chief Investigator Terry McCreight says her husband David was the last to see her alive. They lived in the same house even though Karen filed for divorce. Three years later, David Swift still isn’t talking. Not to investigators nor WREG despite several requests. In fact, McCreight calls Swift ‘uncooperative and suspicious,’ though Swift isn’t a suspect, or even named a person of interest. The Dyer County Sheriff’s office is now setting the record straight, claiming it hasn’t presented the evidence to the DA yet for charges. The lead investigator says they don’t have a so-called “smoking gun” in the case and they don’t want to leave room for any reasonable doubt if the case goes to trial.
October 31st, 2014 David Swift breaks his silence with State Gazette Interview: During the last three years, Swift's husband has remained silent concerning the circumstances surrounding his wife's death, until now. On Tuesday, Oct. 28, Swift sat down for an exclusive interview with the State Gazette, breaking his silence for the first time. Swift said the last three years have been difficult ones to deal with for himself as well as for his four children concerning the unsolved murder of his wife. "It's been a living nightmare as far as how the last three years have gone with everything that's happened," said Swift. "There hasn't been a lot of time for grieving because there are a lot of unanswered questions, and to be honest, it's been a very difficult time for my kids and also for myself." David Swift said he didn't know why someone would want to harm his wife, but he, along with his attorney Steve Farese, have performed their own investigation to determine what may have happened to his wife. "I know law enforcement has their investigation, but my attorney and I have uncovered facts that aren't circumstantial that could have possibly led to her disappearance," said Swift. "Then again, it could have been something random that happened to her, but there are a lot of unanswered questions that need to be answered."
Swift said since the initial days of the investigation, he felt like the eyes of law enforcement were focused squarely on him, something he understood was the norm in cases involving a murdered spouse. "That's a common tactic of law enforcement to always look at the spouse, and I was ok with that and I welcomed that," Swift added. "I provided anything and everything to law enforcement to help aid and assist in their investigation. They came to our house on several occasions to collect stuff and not one time did I ever refuse to let them do their job." 

David Swift the husband of Ark. native Karen Swift denies any role in her death as TBI fails to find a murder suspect. David Swift may not be talking to the media or the sheriff's department but he told me in several interviews he had nothing to do with her murder, the media hype is all pure speculation.  SFGate…JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) — The estranged husband of an Arkansas woman found dead in Tennessee three years ago denies any role in her death. David Swift told The Jonesboro Sun ( ) that he had nothing to do with the death of his wife, Karen Johnson Swift, and that he is fully cooperating with police who are investigating her slaying. Karen Swift disappeared Oct. 30, 2011, from her home near Dyersburg in western Tennessee. Her body was found Dec. 10, 2011, under kudzu bushes in a cemetery in Dyer County.

Unsolved Karen Swift Murder a Tale of Sex, Lies and Missing Video Tapes. David Swift's attorney Steve Farese talks about Karen Swift murder case: “I don’t want to speak badly about Karen,” said attorney Steve Farese. “But there were some things going on that were quite unusual, and there could be more than one suspect.”

I have been hired by a freind of the Swift family to investigate the unsolved murder of Karen Swift. Karen Swift had as many as 3 cell phones at a time some pre-paid and untraceable to keep in touch with her ‘new friends’, some that she met on the internet. Karen Swift was working as an Aerobic Instructor at the Y in Dyersburg, Karen Swift had begun teaching an aerobics class called Silver Sneakers, which is a fitness program for older adults. Karen Swift also had a house cleaning and yard cleaning business, in fact on the morning she went missing she was headed to a house cleaning job to finish up so that she could collect $250.00.
MONEY TRAIL: Karen Swift was not on the Mortgage or Title to the house she shared with her husband, she was driving a 2004 Nissan white Murano SE 2WD that she did not own, it was owned and registered to her husband. Karen Swift had very few household bills to pay and yet she was heavily in debt on at least 3 secret bank credit cards issued in her name only, in fact all 3 bank credit cards were maxed out and had been charged off and Karen Swift was being sued by all 3 of the credit card banks, FOLLOW THE MONEY, FOLLOW THE CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS, WHO WAS SHE MEETING, WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?

WHERE ARE THE SURVEILLANCE TAPES: Karen Swift goes to Dyersburg Country Club Halloween Party as ‘Catwoman’ in a skintight black costume similar to the one seen above without her husband David Swift on Saturday night October 29th 2011 and stays until about 11:58 pm, early next morning Sunday October 30th 2011 at about 5:00 am she is up and out on the road and ‘goes missing’ at 5:30 am.

Who was Karen Swift with at the Dyersburg Country Club Halloween Party, was everyone there intervied by the Sheriff, I doubt it. Supposedly from information from my sources there was a break in at the Dyersburg Country Club on November 1st ,2011 and the burglars stole the surveillance cameras and the recording devices and a few golf clubs, the purpose of the break in at the Dyersburg Country was to steal the surveillance equipment, what the hell?


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Sunday, October 26, 2014

ISIS: A Call to Arms For All Muslims to Defend Islam and Avenge the Slaughter of Muslims Go and Kill a Cop in New York, Washington even Tampa or Sarasota Fl.

Senate Hill leaders think more 'lone wolf' attacks coming, agree online radicalization is effective. A top congressional Democrat and Republican both warned Sunday about more “lone wolf” attacks, inspired by Islamic jihad easily promulgated through Internet propaganda. "The police and the military have to be on guard," California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN's "State of the Union.” "We need to think in some new ways."  Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has said in recent weeks that lone wolf attacks are now the country’s biggest domestic terror concern. Such concern is in large part in response to the Islamic State’s aggressive, online propaganda campaign.

ISIS calls for all Muslims to go and kill a cop,
Muslim terrorist Zale Thompson, 32, was shot dead on a Jamaica, Queens NY, sidewalk Thursday after he lunged with a blue-handled hatchet at four rookie NYPD cops, striking Officer Joseph Meeker, 24, in the arm and Officer Kenneth Healey, 25, in the back of the head. Will this 'kill a cop' scenario play out in Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Baltimore MD Tampa and even Sarasota Fl? Tampa Fl has a large Palestinian and Iraqi enclave and prior incidents indicate it could happen again. Florida: Muslim Man Sami Osmakac Arrested On Terror Charges Dreamed Of Blowing Up Bridges In Tampa And Sarasota.

TAMPA: Muslim fanatic Sami Osmakac toyed with the idea of blowing up the bridges crossing Tampa Bay or detonating bombs at the sheriff’s office and Tampa police departments before settling on a plan to plant explosives in Tampa’s Hyde Park party district and then spraying first responders with automatic gunfire, "kill a cop", according to recently released court documents. Authorities allege Osmakac planned a terrorist attack in Tampa in January 2012, plotting to set off a car bomb, then take hostages and demand the release of Muslim prisoners. Sami Osmakac is a ‘homegrown terrorist.’’ According to the evidence introduced in court, Osmakac planned to detonate a car bomb outside a busy South Tampa pub and then go to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, where he would use homemade grenades and an automatic AK-47 to take hostages. He planned to demand the release of Muslim prisoners and then, after that was accomplished, feign surrender and detonate a suicide vest as law enforcement moved in (kill a cop). Osmakac was convicted in June this year.

Recent Muslim Convert Zale Thompson aka Zaim Farouq Abdul-Malik Attacked four NYPD cops with a hatchet in Jamaica Queens, Zale Thompson was shot dead by cops, police say terrorism was motive. Thompson made no statements as he approached the four officers with hatchet in hand on Jamaica Ave. near 162nd St. in Jamaica at 2 p.m., officials said
ISIS extremists have been urging lone-wolf attacks on police and soldiers in Europe and the United States. Following the attack, NYPD police brass on Friday ordered that foot patrols citywide be conducted in pairs. “Strike their police, security and intelligence members, as well as their treacherous agents,” ISIS spokesman Aub Mohammad al-Adnani posted on Sept. 21. “If you are not able to find an IED or a bullet, then single out the disbelieving American, Frenchman, or any of their allies. Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him or poison him.” Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau the Muslim terrorist who drove a car that rammed two Canadian Forces members near Montreal before being shot dead by police was known to counter-terrorism authorities who believed he had become radicalized, the RCMP said on Monday as they continued to investigate the terrorist attack.

ISIS on TWITTER: Another extremist essay — titled, “To 2.6M Muslims in USA: A Call to Arms to Defend Islam and Avenge the Slaughter of Muslims” and published Sept. 16 — directly encouraged jihadi wannabes to attack cops. Knocking off a police, military or any other law-enforcement officer sends a chilling message to the so-called ‘civilians’ and fills their hearts with consternation,” it reads.

Twitter became an important tool for jihadists because of its ease of use and ability to provide rapid updates to an unlimited number of viewers. Some jihadists became active to the point of "live" tweeting during fighting, reporting about injuries or deaths of fellow fighters and battle outcomes without any censorship. As a result of this new communicative tactic, we learn of Americans, British, Australians, and French nationals executing suicide operations in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, and non-Muslim countries. Yet, many from the media, governments, and experts expressed their shock and astonishment of this “take over” of Twitter and other social media, questioning how it can be stopped. ISIS maintains an organized and well-coordinated online network with more than a dozen official accounts on Twitter for its central leadership. Some of these pages are used to release messages from the group's leadership, and others are focused on recruitment, intimidation, and networking—gaining tens of thousands of followers.

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ISIS Muslim Fanatic Amr Ar Rumi Posts Death Threat to NYC Blogger Pamela Geller “Anyone Having Opportunity Kill Her” on Twitter, see see  Considering the fact that a Muslim fanatic attacked 4 NYPD cops in Queens NY with a hatchet in broad daylight yesterday, Geller should ramp up her security detail.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Muslim Convert Zale Thompson aka Zaim Farouq Abdul-Malik Attacks 4 NYPD Cops With a hatchet in Queens Defended ISIS and Spewed Radical Islamic Anti-American Hate

Recent Muslim Convert Zale Thompson aka Zaim Farouq Abdul-Malik Attacked four NYPD cops with a hatchet in Jamaica Queens, Zale Thompson was shot dead by cops, police eye possible terrorism motive. Thompson made no statements as he approached the four officers with hatchet in hand on Jamaica Ave. near 162nd St. in Jamaica at 2 p.m., officials said

New York (CNN) -- Zale Thompson charged at four New York police officers with a metal hatchet Thursday, hitting two of them at a time of high alert for authorities concerned they might be targeted in the United States and Canada. Zale Thompson was hiding behind a bus shelter as if he was waiting to attack the officers, according to a law enforcement official, who said it almost appeared as if he was stalking them. The officers were posing for a photo when the man pounced, police Commissioner Bill Bratton said. He struck one officer in the right arm and another in the head, according to the commissioner. The two officers who weren't hit then shot at and killed the attacker. The law enforcement official identified the suspect as Zale H. Thompson, who had a criminal record in California and had been discharged from the Navy for misconduct, according to the source.

Is the hatchet attack by Muslim Convert Zale Thompson aka Zaim Farouq Abdul-Malik a copy cat attack on four NYPD cops in Jamaica Queens just like the attack by Michael Adebolajo, (photo above) one of the men who killed British soldier Lee Rigby on a London street last year with a hatchet.


Choudary's followers have been connected to a number of militant plots in Britain in recent years and Michael Adebolajo, one of the men who killed British soldier Lee Rigby on a London street last year, had attended protests he had organised (pictured standing behind Choudary at a rally in 2007)
The terror convert who stormed Canada's parliament and shot dead a soldier this week was influenced by the teachings of British hate-preacher Anjem Choudary, it has been claimed. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau stormed his government's headquarters in Ottowa and opened fire on Wednesday morning, gunning down Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a 24-year-old father, as he stood guard at the War Memorial. Choudary's Al-Muhajiroun followers have been connected to a number of militant plots in Britain in recent years and Michael Adebolajo, (photo above on L) one of the men who killed British soldier Lee Rigby on a London street last year, had attended Al-Muhajiroun protests he had organised. He was also one of nine men arrested last month on suspicion of encouraging terrorism, and supporting the banned organisation Al-Muhajiroun, but was released without charge.

Al-Muhajiroun in New York City written by private investigator Bill Warner: On September 10th, 2005 I had accompied a BBC News crew led by investigative reporter Richard Watson to the Islamic Center of Queens aka Masjid al-Fatima (see video here) in search of links to al-Qaeda terrorist Moahmmed Junaid Barber and Sajeel Shahid. While we were waiting to interview the Mosques founder Brother Aqeel Khan a group of Muslim men arrived in an old GMC “Jimmy” SUV. The Islamic radicals had come from Baltimore Maryland to the Islamic Center of Queens aka Masjid al-Fatima to request money for a project they were undertaking,
Video See

In 1999 according to Richard Watson on BBC’s Newsnight – Omar Bakri Mohammed wanted to expand Al Muhajiroun’s operations. He sent an envoy to New York, called Sajil Shahid. It was in New York that Shahid, a Dutch/Pakistani, met Mohammed Junaid Babar, whose testimony would later help to convict the Operation Crevice members. In New York in the mid-1990s, the Queens Islamic Center, based at the Masjid al-Fatima on 37th Avenue, Woodside, had been taken over by radicals from Hizb ut-Tahrir.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

UPDATE: Oxycodone and Meth at 4636 Garcia Ave Headquarters For Burglaries in South Gate Ridge Sarasota Linked to Brian Frost Gang, Reggie Mckenzie and Heather Fesko.

UPDATED: October 23rd, 2014...Drug dealer Reggie Mckenzie has been arrested again just yesterday, Charge Description:

PILLS: Oxycodone injections and Meth were the base cause for a string of burglaries in the South Gate Ridge subdivision of Sarasota Fl dating back to at least 2010, SOME of the perps have been caught and convicted such as the Father and Sons 'Brian Frost Gang' who had been living at 4636 Garcia Ave Sarasota Fl.

Also arrested at the same addreess, 4636 Garcia Ave Sarasota Fl during 2014, were Reginald L. McKenzie DOB 9/20/1980, and Heather Fesko, their photo above. 'Reggie' Mckenzie and Heather Fesko have an extensive arrest history, (Oxycodone injections), in Sarasota County Fl with burglary and drug charges. UPDATE: On October 24th, 2014 Friday, the woman seen it the photo above, Heather Fesko, was arrested yet one more time at 4636 Garcia Ave, this time the charges are CONTEMPT OF COURT: FTA; NARCOTIC EQUIP POSSESS, she is in the Sarasota County Jail as of Sunday October 26th.

Brian Randall Frost Sr. on L.… Brian Randall Frost Jr. on R
UPDATE: This family of dirtbags, the ‘Frost Gang’ at 4636 Garcia Ave, was terrorizing the South Gate Ridge Section of Sarasota Fl for years, they broke into homes on Warren Ridge St, Helene St, Wilkinson Rd, Maceachen Blvd and many, many others.

The ‘Brian Frost Gang’ at 4636 Garcia Ave had listed several different addresses in the South Gate Ridge area dating back at least 10 years, they all should be in Prison, they are not. They broke into homes and stole items which they put on E-Bay for sale and with the cash purchased drugs, Crystal Meth. The father and son ‘Brian’ duo of the ‘Frost Gang’ have multiple arrests dating all the way back to 1992.

Heather Fesko, who I profiled back in February 2014 with "Dial-A- Drug Street Deliveries In South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl" , has been arrested again on drug charges, Heather Fesko was arrested at 4636 Garcia Ave Sarasota Fl on September 27th, 2014, same place where the 'Brian Frost Gang' had been living at 4636 Garcia Ave. Prior to Heather Fesko's drug arrest last month at 4636 Garcia Ave she was arrested at 4515 Emerald Ridge Pl in February 2014, both of these addresses are known drug houses in South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl.
UPDATE: 4515 Emerald Ridge Pl South Gate Ridge Sarasota Career Criminal David Jones Guilty of Felony Battery 3rd Time is The Charm. David C. Jones Emerald Ridge Pl, DOB 4/21/1975, is a known criminal in South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl, he has multiple arrests for prowling, burglary, drug possession controlled substance, domestic violence, false ID given to LEO, resist arrest with violence LEO (he fights with the cops) battery on a person with a deadly weapon, theft and most recently aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, (he hit a girl in the head with a hammer) for which he plead guilty on March 14th, 2014 and this dirtball wanted to come in my home and use the phone.

February 2014, Heather Fesko waiting for drug delivery on Woodrow Ridge St South Gate Ridge, Personal Information

Heather Fesko and Reggie Mckenzie, Dial-A-Drug on Woodrow Ridge St South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl, Arrest Information September 2014,

Heather Fesko Arrest Information February 2016,

MICHAEL JAE SNEPENGER is not directly linked to any burglaries in the South Gate Ridge subdivision of Sarasota to my knowledge, but I am aware of extensive drug activity on Warren Ridge St Sarasota Fl in the South Gate Ridge subdivision where he was living for several years, a hard life appears to have altered the looks of Snepenger.
Mugshot details January 2014:
Booking Date: January 29, 2014
Where booked:  Sarasota, FL (Sarasota County) 
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 08/02/1962
Age: 51
Height: 5'04"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: BRO
Eye Color: BRO
Occupation: HOMELESS
Total Bond: $0 or N/A

Unsolved Burglary South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl on Jan 18th 2011 Jewelry and Oxy Pain Pills were stolen from a house on Perry Ridge Pl and multiple suspects lived right down the street or across the street on Warren Ridge Sarasota Fl and also the 'Brian Frost Gang' had been living nearby at 4636 Garcia Ave in the South Gate Ridge subdivision. The Burglary on Perry Ridge Pl occurred on Tuesday Jan 18th 2011 between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm, Jewelry and Oxy pain pills were stolen and a very likely suspect lived right down the street (or across the street) from the victim, in plain sight.

BOLO For 2010 Grey Volkswagen (VW) Passat Reckless Driving and Property Damage South Gate Ridge Sarasota Fl. The vehicle was observed driving across lawns at a high rate of speed on Perry Ridge Pl, Warren Ridge St and Woodrow Ridge St Sarasota Fl at 9:30 am Sunday September 7th, 2014, the male driver had all the windows down and the radio turned up high blasting out music. The vehicle seen above has been linked to an address in the 4400 block of Emerlad Rdige Pl Sarasota Fl and Garcia Ave.

Map of 4636 Garcia Ave, Sarasota, FL 34233
1).  Michelle Corbin Mugshot | 08/09/13 Florida Arrest 4636 GARCIA AVE. SARASOTA FL

2). John Isaac Mugshot | 05/20/14 Florida Arrest 4636 GARCIA AVE. SARASOTA FL

3). Kenneth Adams Mugshot | 10/26/11 Florida Arrest 4636 GARCIA AVE. SARASOTA FL

4). Brian Frost Mugshot | 04/08/14 Florida Arrest 4636 GARCIA AVE. SARASOTA FL

5). ABIGAIL MOYER, Date Arrested: 04/22/2014; Arrest Location 4636 GARCIA AVE. SARASOTA FL.

 6). Jennifer Burns Mugshot | 05/17/12 Florida Arrest Location 4636 GARCIA AVE.

 7. Reginald Lee Mckenzie Mugshot - Reginald Lee Mckenzie Arrest ...Location 4636 GARCIA AVE. SARASOTA

 8). Heather Fesko Arrest 9/27/2014, Arrest.....Location 4636 GARCIA AVE. SARASOTA

9). Arrest 6/09/2014..Brian Frost, 39, committed a half dozen home and car burglaries in his neighborhood along the 4600 block of Garcia Avenue in Sarasota, according to the sheriff's office.
Keiper, a 31-year-old Brighton, Tennessee resident, is being held without bond at the Sarasota County Jail. 10). Jennifer Keiper..SARASOTA (FOX 13) - May 26, 2012..A Tennessee woman is facing child neglect charges after a 23-month-old child was found alone and crying in the backseat of a car Saturday morning. Jennifer Keiper, 31, was booked into the Sarasota County Jail where she is being held without bond on one count of child neglect. According to a Sarasota County Sheriff's Office report deputies were dispatched to 4636 Garcia Ave. just after 1 AM to investigate an unrelated incident.  They found the child sitting in the backseat of a vehicle wearing a t-shirt and no diaper. Investigators say Keiper had entered the residence at 4636 Garcia Ave three hours earlier, consumed some narcotics and passed out.


UPDATED: PI Bill Warner and South Gate Ridge Crime Watch 2100 Constitution Blvd Suite 125 Sarasota Fl, see link CLICK HERE.

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