Friday, November 21, 2014

Allen Blackthorne Has Died in Prison He Hired a Bradenton PI to Find Ex-Wife Sheila Bellush in Gulf Gate Sarasota and Then Had Her Murdered.

A gruesome murder for hire story that included using a Bradenton private investigator to find ex-wife Sheila Bellush who had full custody of their children has come to a conclusion for Allen Blackthorne the mastermind and the controlling money man who would not give up and let go. Blackthorne had a history of violence against his ex-wife Sheila Bellush. In 1987 he was arrested for and pled guilty to beating her up, he was divorced from her and she had full custody of their children, Blackthorne had stalked Bellush since their divorce in 1987 and yet a Bradenton PI took the case to find Sheila Bellush in 1997, why? Based on past violent attacks by other inmates on Blackthorne, my guess is that Blackthorne was stabbed to death, good riddance.

DEAD MAN WALKING In May of 2002…ATLANTA — A thin, scraggly Allen Blackthorne recently told reporters for a San Antonio television station that he’d been stabbed 13 times. The former Texas millionaire, convicted of paying to have his ex-wife murdered at her Sarasota home, said another inmate at a federal prison in Beaumont, Texas, stabbed him 13 times with a Phillips screwdriver in October. After the stabbings, Blackthorne was moved to a federal prison in Atlanta. In a video made at the prison, he lifted his white T-shirt to show a long scar across his abdomen, and talked in detail about how the inmate also jabbed the screwdriver into one of his eye sockets.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE, Novenber 21st, 2014, SAN ANTONIO - Former San Antonio millionaire Allen Blackthorne, who was serving two life sentences for hiring the murder of ex-wife Sheila Bellush, has died in federal prison. He was 59. Blackthorne died Tuesday in the U.S. Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana, according to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons website. No cause of death was listed. Bellush, often referred to as the "Quad Mom" for the quadruplets she had with a second husband, was found shot with her throat slit in her Sarasota, Florida, home in 1997. Two of Bellush's then-2-year-old children were found crawling in her blood. Bellush and Blackthorne divorced in 1989 and had a bitter custody dispute over their two daughters. In 1997, Bellush moved to Florida, and six weeks later, she was killed.

CBS NEWS May 12th, 1999, Wealthy San Antonio businessman, Allen Blackthorne made his fortune selling medical equipment. In his 40s, he had made his home in a million-dollar mansion with his fourth wife, Maureen and their two children. Blackthorne had a history of violence against his ex-wife Sheila Bellush. In 1987 he was arrested for, and pled guilty to, beating her up. And Blackthorne doesn't deny that he hit her, but said that it was a one-time occurrence: "I did hit her. Soon after that, Sheila Bellush filed to end their five-year marriage. It was an ugly, litigious divorce. In the years following the divorce, police were called to Blackthorne's house many times to mediate family disturbances. Bellush even had Blackthorne arrested for sexually abusing their daughter Stevie, a charge he denies. The charges were eventually dropped.

In the middle of all this turmoil, Sheila met Jamie Bellush. Soon after, they were married. Then, Sheila Bellush won custody of the couple's two daughters, and Blackthorne agreed to have nothing to do with his two teenage daughters' lives ever again. Shelia Bellush and her new husband, and now 6 children, moved to the Gulf Gate section of Sarasota Fl in September1997. "She beat him in court," said Kerry, Sheila Bellush's sister. "She took him back to court because she wanted to get on with her life and get away from him." Soon after the Bellushes moved, Allen Blackthorne hired a Bradenton Fl private investigator to find Sheila Bellush. After some digging the Bradenton PI located her and verifed the Gulf Gate address by having flowers delivered to the house, and gave the information to Allen Blackthorne. Three weeks later, Bellush was dead. Sheila Bellush, 35, was found dead in her Gulf Gate home Nov. 7, 1997, her quadruplet toddlers wandering through her blood.

"In 1987 Allen Blackthorne was arrested for and pled guilty to beating Sheila (Blackthorne) Bellush up, he was divorced from her and she had full custody of their children and Blackthorne had stalked Bellush since their divorce in 1987". Allen Blackthorne had requested that an associate in Sarasota send him the P.I. Section of the Sarasota Yellow pages, she fax’d him page 578 of the 1997 GTE Yellow Pages, GTE became Verizon a few years later, Bell Atlantic merged with GTE on June 30, 2000, and named the new entity Verizon Communications. Bill Warner Investigations began as Warner Bros Investigations (WBI) in 1995 with offices on Wainwright Ave in Panama City Fl and at 603 Sarasota Quay Sarasota Fl and then became WBI Inc Private Detective Agency in 1997, this Blackthorne guy could have called me back in October 1997, as we had ads in the Sarasota Yellow pages phone book and a high profile website even back then, see ad above, we were in Sarasota when the Sheila Bellush murder went down on November 7th, 1997. For years our policy has not to become involved in a divorce case or child custody case when there had been prior domestic violence or evidence of stalking and to never take a case where the client had a restraining order and wanted us to follow or obtain info on his ex.

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