Sunday, November 02, 2014

Dirtbag Mama June will not be paid in full by TLC on 'Honey Boo Boo Show' For Dating Convicted Sex Offender Mark A. McDaniel.

You can take dirtbag Mama June out of the back woods but you can not take the back woods hillbilly mentality out of a dirtbag like Mama June, case in point. Mama June will not be getting her full salary from TLC for the un-aired season reports TMZ. The cable station is putting the blame on the matriarch for the show’s cancellation. Sources close to the show tell TMZ that TLC’s biggest concern is the welfare of Honey Boo Boo and the other children and they are upset their mother has put them at risk by allegedly dating convicted child molester Mark McDaniel. The network, citing a morals clause, believes June does not deserve full payment so they have deducted a significant amount from what she would have received if the show had aired.


A police report obtained by Radar details the charges against "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" matriarch June Shannon's ex-boyfriend for sexual assault crimes he committed against her then-8-year-old daughter Anna. The incident report was filed in 2003 with the Spalding County Sheriff's department, and Mark McDaniel later pled guilty to aggravated child molestation and spent 10 years in the Georgia State prison system.

Mark McDaniel got out this year, 2014. According to the graphic report, Shannon's daughter Anna told police "she had done the 's word' with Mark" and stated "that Mark touches her private parts and sometimes he makes her touch his." The now 20-year-old Anna, who has a child of her own, told People her mother didn't believe her when she first made her mother, Mama June, aware of the abuse.

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