Sunday, November 23, 2014

UHURU Black Power Gang Behind Violence and Threat of Riots After Grand Jury Decision in Fergueson MO, They Did it Before in St Pete Fl.

UHURU Black Power Gang Behind Violence and Threat of Riots After Grand Jury Decision in Ferguson MO, They Did it Before in St Pete Fl. The UHURU's have offices nationwide with major links in Oakland CA, Philadelphia PA and St Pete Fl. The UHURU goons had targeted me for assassination back in 2011 for exposing their communist black power efforts to undermine the US Government, see "Private investigator" attacks Uhuru Movement members and leaders" for my daily blog posts launching attacks with the express intent to “shut down” the Uhuru Movement and, "that would be a good thing".

At about 5:30 pm on October 24, 1996, two police officers in St Petersburg, Florida, spotted a gold-colored Pontiac LeMans speeding on 18th Avenue South, in the Midtown district. Slipping behind it, they entered a computer query on the license plate number, the car had been reported stolen, and behind the wheel was 18-year old TyRon Lewis and a friend, Eugene Young. Lewis had a juvenile police record, and there were three outstanding felony warrants for him on drug charges. He had just bought the stolen car on the street by trading an amount of cocaine for it. Cocaine and marijuana were later found in the car. According to the official police reports, Officer Jim Knight and Officer Sandra Minor approached the stopped car, with Knight standing in front of the vehicle and Minor standing off to the side. Knight ordered Lewis to turn off the engine and put his hands up. Instead, he says, Lewis slowly moved the car forward, bumping him at least six times. Knight pulled his service pistol and ordered Minor to use her police baton to break the car's windshield.

The car's other occupant, Eugene Young, later told police that he had repeatedly told Lewis to stop. Knight fell onto the hood of the car and then fired at Lewis through the windshield, hitting him three times--twice in the arm and once in the chest. Lewis was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. The whole event had taken less than a minute. Within half an hour, however, word of the shooting had spread, and a crowd of over 100 UHURU protesters appeared at the scene. Now, protesters gathered on the street corner chanting "Stop the police brutality!" and holding signs that said "You can't kill us all!" and "End the genocide!" Many of the protesters were from the local chapter of the National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, a militant African-American civil rights group founded by black nationalist Omali Yeshitela aka Joe Waller, he needs to be jailed.

This was a set up by the UHURU's to attack the St Pete Police! The 'protest' spread into the surrounding Midtown neighborhood and quickly turned to rioting. During the night, a local police substation was set ablaze, at least 25 other fires were set, and several stores were looted. Over 200 police cordoned off 25 city blocks. One newspaper photographer was beaten by a group of rioters, and 11 people (four journalists, one firefighter and six police) were treated at local hospitals, including a policeman with a gunshot wound in the arm. The rioting continued all night, Ferguson MO your next.

UHURU Black power gang champing at the bit for civil unrest, encouraging lawlessness as noble - these are the tactics of the professional revolutionary (UHURU black power). That's what we appear to have in Ferguson, Mo. A decision by a grand jury there whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting unarmed Michael Brown to death there earlier this year will likely be a catalyst for trouble, authorities believe. The Missouri governor has issued a state of emergency; federal officials are warning of violence. Anyone contemplating that type of response to the grand jury's decision is focused on one thing. Never mind the evidence. Never mind the particulars. Never mind the innocent convenience stores or locals who might see their livelihood or town harmed by protest. The rebellion is on thanks to the UHURU's, they did it before in St Pete Fl and they will do it again in Ferguson, Mo.

St Pete UHURU Leader Omali Yeshitela aka Joe Waller Calls for Protest and Violence After Ferguson Supreme Court Decision They Support Cop Killers Hydra Lacy and Christopher Dorner. UHURU Leader Omali Yeshitela aka Joe Waller wants some cops to end up like Michael Brown, dead. UHURU Leader Omali Yeshitela aka Joe Waller needs to be jailed for inciting a riot.

The UHURU movement in St Pete is a Pro-Communist organization run by ex-Black panther Chairman Omali Yeshitela aka ex-con Joe Waller. Starting in Jan 2011 the UHURU Movement began posting articles on their website stating that “Shooting of police in Florida part of growing trend of African resistance to occupation“ and defending cop killers like Hydra Lacy and Christopher Dorner. 60′s Radical Penny Hess Leader of Omali Yeshitela’s APSC In St Pete Writes “The bullet not the ballot is the best way for the black man in America to gain power”.

CBS 10 NEWS- Wednesday Nov 12th, 2014, St. Petersburg, Florida — An African American civil rights group in St. Petersburg is calling for a public demonstration and arrests following a grand jury’s decision whether Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson will be charged for the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.The announcement could be made any day now. The fallout 1,000 miles away in Ferguson could be felt here in the Bay area. The Uhuru Movement is calling for a demonstration at Central and 5th Avenue the day after the grand jury’s decision is made public. Many plan to leave in handcuffs, as part of a national protest, if the officer isn’t held accountable. The Uhuru Movement released these demands for justice for Michael Brown:

UHURU Black Power Statement: “The resistance of Africans in St. Louis against the colonial, murderous occupying force known as the St Louis police department is no different from the resistance of the Palestinian people against the illegitimate colonial occupying army of the Israeli Defense Forces. Africans have the right to resist. Only when African people have self-determination and power over our own lives will there be justice for Michael Brown and the millions of other African men, women, children and babies whose lives have been destroyed by the white nationalist state.”

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