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13 Dirtballs Indicted In Dyer County TN On Federal Crack Cocaine Trafficking Charges

Crack Smoke 

JACKSON, Tenn. -- Edward L. Stanton III, United States attorney for the Western District of Tennessee; A. Todd McCall, special agent in charge of the Memphis Division of the FBI; Steve Isbell, chief of police for the Dyersburg Police Department; and Jeff Box, sheriff of Dyer County, announced Monday the unsealing of an indictment charging 13 suspects with federal drug trafficking violations. The suspects were arrested early Monday during a roundup conducted by multiple federal (the FBI, DEA, ATF and U.S. Marshals Service), state (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, 24th Judicial District Drug Task Force, and Tennessee Highway Patrol), and local law enforcement agencies (Dyer County Sheriff's Department, Dyersburg Police Department, Jackson Police Department, Lexington Police Department, and Madison County Sheriff's Department). 
The indictments were returned by a federal grand jury in Jackson on Jan. 20, 2015, but remained under seal until today's arrests. Each indictment contained counts alleging violations of the Controlled Substances Act. The suspects arrested during the operation were:
* Troy Richard Anderson Jr., 25 (already in state custody)
* Tyler Demond Armstrong, 24, of Dyer County
* Bree Anna Blalock, 26, of Dyer County
* Tyrus Ray Blalock, 45, of Dyer County
* Amy Hurt Dew, 50, of Dyer County
* Antonia Marshell Jones, 30, of Dyer County
* Marlos Lekeith Mann, 39 (already in state custody)
* William Frank Perry Jr., 44, of Dyer County
* Anthony Lee Randaul, 36, of Dyer County
* Steve Lee Roby, 44, of Dyer County
* Kenny Charles Vaughn, 37 (already in federal custody)
* Terrance Terone Warren, 49, of Dyer County

During the course of this investigation, law enforcement officials have seized illicit narcotics, U.S. currency, firearms, and drug paraphernalia. The charges in the indictments stem from the illegal activity of selling, manufacturing, and distributing, powder cocaine, crack cocaine, and marijuana, as well as the unlawful possession of ammunition by convicted felons. "These individuals are charged with serious drug crimes, and the consequences they face if convicted are also serious," said U.S. Attorney Stanton. "Illegal drug trafficking and the violence that often accompanies it are a plague upon our communities. My office will vigorously pursue any and all involved in these illegal activities."
"These indictments and arrests are the result of the cooperation of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and the hard work of the men and women from all of the agencies involved," said Special Agent in Charge A. Todd McCall.

"The FBI is dedicated to continuing to work with our partners to target, investigate and bring to justice those who prey on our community." "I am grateful for our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners for their assistance. We are a team that is committed to suppress the criminal element in our community," stated Chief of Police Isbell. "I would also like to recognize the men and women of the Dyersburg Police Department for their hard work. It is truly their work and dedication that has made this a successful operation."
"This Task Force partnership with both our sheriff's office, police department and the FBI has been beneficial in providing the additional resources needed to make these type of cases targeting illegal activity," stated Sheriff Box. "This operation is another example of how well our agencies work together in this partnership to attack drugs and criminal activity. Protecting our citizens of this community from crime is our highest priority. We will continue to work with our partners to detect, investigate and prosecute those who seek to advance criminal activity. I want to commend our TFO's, FBI agents and the U.S. Attorney's Office for being a dedicated team in the support of making Dyersburg and Dyer County a safer community."

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FBI Takes Over Parallel Sarasota Saudi Family Investigation Initiated By Sarasota Police Dept, Sarasota Sheriff Dept, and ICE Bradenton Fl in June 2002.

FBI Lied to Congress about Sarasota Fla Saudi Family’s Ties to 9/11 Hijackers. The FBI lied to Congress about the deep ties between a Florida Saudi family—that abruptly fled weeks before the 9/11 terrorist attacks—and the hijackers who carried out the plot, according to alarming new records uncovered by a journalism watchdog that’s led the effort to expose the government cover-up. This scandal has been circulating for years and only a Florida journalism watchdog along with a few local papers have bothered covering it, though it’s huge. It involves a Saudi family that lived in a Sarasota gated community and suspiciously fled weeks before 9/11, leaving behind three cars, food in the fridge and toys in the pool. Security officials at the gated community revealed that cars used by the 9/11 hijackers visited the family various times before the attacks, including the vehicle linked to plot leader Mohamed Atta. When local media started asking questions, the head of the Sarasota FBI office (agent Thomas Baugher) admitted that the agency investigated “suspicions surrounding” the Sarasota home but never found evidence tying the family to the terrorists, bull crap, they had detailed logs of Mohamed Atta and other 9/11 terrorists arriving at the gate house to  the Sarasota Saudi family's house in Prestancia.

 FBI agents who searched the Prestancia gatehouse in Sarasota found evidence in logbooks and snapshots of license plates that vehicles used by the 9/11 hijackers, including ringleader Mohamed Atta, had visited the Abdulaziz al-Hijji home. January 7, 2015 press conference on Capitol Hill..."Where is the outrage? I want to know; that Saudi Arabia, a country, our supposed ally, not only bankrolled al-Qaeda, and the worst terrorist attack on American soil, but was also instrumental in implementing an intricate web of operatives in numerous places around the world, including right here in our own country, to carry out a complex plan of bringing the 19 hijackers here to America. To name a few places: Sarasota, Florida; San Diego, California; Herndon, Virginia; Paterson, New Jersey."  Where is the outrage, that they continue to fund terrorist organizations like ISIS, which is killing, raping, and beheading innocent people at a rapacious rate, while at the same time recruiting from here in the West for more new members? And where is the indignation, that 9/11 victims' families and survivors have been denied the right to hold accountable in a United States court room, the people responsible for the incineration of nearly 3,000 people?  We need the 114th Congress to direct President Obama to release, declassify, the redacted 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry, and we also need the 114th Congress to act swiftly, and pass JASTA into law. Our national security depends on this.
MIAMI HERALD: The U.S. House Intelligence Committee has denied a Florida congressman’s request for access to 28 classified pages from the 2002 report of Congress’ Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 terrorist attacks. SEN. GRAHAM: Let me just briefly tell the story of Sarasota. It was not until almost 10 years after 9/11 that we became aware that there was a prominent Saudi family, one member of whom had been an advisor to the Royal family, living in Sarasota. There were also three of the hijackers had done their flight training, at a small school near Sarasota. And during the period that those three were living there, they had extensive contacts with that Saudi family. Less than two weeks before 9/11, under what law enforcement described as "urgent conditions," the Saudi family left Sarasota, and returned to Saudi Arabia, raising the question, did someone tip them off that there was an event about to occur, and it would be better that they not be in the United States? Through a press group in Florida, we've been trying to get released the FBI investigation that occurred, which probed the role of the family, and the hijackers. The FBI initially said, they could not respond to our Freedom of Information request because there was nothing to respond with. There were no documents relative to the investigative. Fortunately, there was a strong Federal judge, who would not accept that as truth. And he and the plaintiffs pursued, and today, 80,000 pages have been turned over by the FBI to that Federal judge, in the face of their original statement that there was no information, and that judge has, for the past several months, been reviewing the 80,000 pages, in order to make a judgment as to which of those warrant continued classification, and which can be released to the public.

9/11 Hijack Pilots Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah’s Support Network In Sarasota Fl Includes Esam Ghazzawi, Abdulaziz al-Hijji and Muneer Arafat. From March of 2002 up to April of 2005 I was involved with and initiated parts off a multi Law Enforcement Agency investigation of an assortment of Muslim men of Saudi, Moroccan and Palestinian background that appeared to be a support network for the 9/11 hijackers in Sarasota Fl. This time period appears to the same time period that the Miami Herald Media Co. has joined the Herald-Tribune Media Group in urging a federal judge to make the FBI disclose details of its long-running Sarasota 9/11 investigation. FBI agent Thomas Baugher told me at one of our meetings in Sarasota at the SRQ Police Department Intel Unit ”THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES IN TERRORISM.” The two media companies want to be heard in an existing federal lawsuit against the agency by Broward Bulldog, an independent news-gathering organization in Fort Lauderdale for information of a FBI 2OO2 investigation in Sarasota Fl, see

In June 2001, Sarasota's Wissam Hammoud told an undercover agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms that he had shipped weapons to Lebanon, negotiated arms deals in Lebanon and knows arms dealers there, Sarasota FBI agent Thomas Baugher said. Hammoud was also involved in a 1999 incident at Tampa International Airport when two men were stopped attempting to board a Spirit Airline's flight with more than 11 pounds of ammunition, the FBI agent said. The men, Ahmad Nassar and Mohamad Saad (Saad Food Stores Tampa), gave the ammunition to Hammoud when airlines employees refused to allow them to bring it on the flight. When airline personnel wanted to search the men's bags, Hammoud told Saad and Nassar not to let the bags be searched, Baugher said in his affidavit. The men eventually relented and employees discovered an assault weapon, a rifle, ammunition and other gun-related equipment. Wissam Hammoud visited the Sarasota Saudi family in Prestancia prior to the 9/11 attacks.

OPERATION GREEN QUEST, SAAR NETWORK, SAUDI links to 9/11, FBI Sarasota Saudi Family Investigation in 2002, Book by John Loftus Ibid.; p. 232. The IIIT Institute’s Herndon, VA, headquarters, located at 555 Grove St., were subject of a March 20, 2002 raid, along with 19 other business and non-profit entities allegedly related to an umbrella corporation known as the SAAR Foundation, as part of a joint FBI-Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) program known as Operation Green Quest. ICE launched Greenquest, an investigation into the financing of al-Qaeda, Sami al-Arian in Tampa, and similar groups, weeks after 9/11. In June 2002, the Washington Post will headline an article, “Infighting Slows Hunt for Hidden al-Qaeda Assets.” [Washington Post, 6/18/2002]. FBI Wants Control of Greenquest – With the creation of the new Department of Homeland Security (see November 25, 2002), the FBI and its parent agency the Justice Department are given a chance to gain total control over Operation Greenquest. In March of 2002 after review­ing the ori­gins and nature of the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood, John Loftus related a fas­ci­nat­ing gam­bit in which he and pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor Bill Warner were able to “make” many of the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood ter­ror­ists in the United States. Orig­i­nat­ing in the inves­ti­ga­tion of Sami Al-Arian, prior to his arrest Thursday, February 20, 2003, the strat­a­gem entailed buy­ing phone cards for use by the suspected terrorist supporters. With [Pro­fes­sor Sami] Al Arian’s sup­port, and finan­cial help from the Saudis, Al Arian’s clan pur­chased a series of auto deal­er­ships in west­ern Florida. One of them was on land owned by Al Arian. Stolen lux­ury cars across the USA were fun­neled through the clan’s net­work to Dubai, where they were re-sold for two or three times their price by a car net­work run by one of Al Qaeda’s “golden chain” financiers. Older vehi­cles were turned into car bombs to kill Amer­i­can sol­diers in Iraq. Two of the car bombs have been traced through the Clan’s net­work through their vehi­cle iden­ti­fi­ca­tion (VIN) numbers.

Al-Qaeda procurement agent Ziyad Khaleel had been roommates with Imam Muneer Arafat during the time period when he was obtaining communication equipment for Osama bin-Laden. Imam Muneer Arafat came to the Islamic Society of Sarasota-Bradenton Mosque as their ‘holy man” in March of 2000, just a few months before Mohamed Atta and two other 9/11 Hijackers show up in nearby Nokomis Fl in June of 2000. In May of 2002, a bril­liant pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor named Bill Warner of Sara­sota, Florida, came up with an extremely inno­v­a­tive method of track­ing the mem­bers of the Clan’s ter­ror­ist net­work. Warner then sent out an adver­tise­ment to each of them enclos­ing a pre-paid cell phone card. The pitch was to try our new phone company’s inter­na­tional call ser­vice free for ninety days, and then decide whether to become a per­ma­nent subscriber. One of the idiots in the Sarasota clan actu­ally used our call­ing card. In one stroke, we had become the Mus­lim Brotherhood’s tele­phone ser­vice. As a tele­phone com­pany, we law­fully pur­chased the phone bills of every­one our cus­tomer con­tacted, allegedly to recruit new cus­tomers. We used the phone bills to iden­tify the clan’s over­seas con­tacts, and then cross-matched the phone records against the ter­ror­ist attacks of Hamas, PIJ, and Al Qaeda, all of which are sub­sidiaries of the Mus­lim Brotherhood. On June 18th, 2002 this information was first givin to the Sarasota Police Dept and the Sarasota Sheriff's Dept and later to the Bureau of Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) which investigates money laundering.

Three Saudi Arabians have been jailed for 10 years by a Moroccan court for plotting to attack Western warships.
The results were aston­ish­ing. We had the call­ing records of the Al Qaeda cell in Ceuta as they planned their abortive attack on ship­ping off Gibral­tar. We could tell that every time a clan mem­ber in Tustin Cal­i­for­nia called a cell phone in a Palestinian efugee camp in Jor­dan, a ter­ror­ist attack on Israel would take place that same day. Bill Warner assem­bled a nation­wide map of ter­ror­ist logis­ti­cal cells in Amer­ica com­plete with their over­seas tele­phone con­tacts. We did not trust the Jus­tice Department’s FBI, so we pre­sented our cell phone map to NORTHCOM mil­i­tary intelligence. Despite our regrets, NORTHCOM had to ask the FBI for court autho­rized search war­rants top lace taps on the phones and com­puter ter­mi­nals of these ter­ror­ists’ sup­port­ers. "The FBI typ­i­cally rewrote the war­rants as if they had done the inves­ti­ga­tion". Nei­ther Bill Warner nor I ever received a penny of the promised mil­lion dol­lar 'Rewards for Justice' money promised by ICE in 2003 and quashed by the FBI. Bill Warner did receive $2,500 in old $100 bills from the ICE office in Bradenton Fl, finally, on April 29th, 2005, the FBI never paid anything even after Sarasota FBI Agent Thomas Baugher promised to match whatever ICE paid, bull crap.

The FBI closed all inves­ti­ga­tions by other gov­ern­ment agen­cies into the Sarasota Florida clan in 2003 just as they had closed Oper­a­tion Green Quest, the Immi­gra­tion Service’s attempt to trace ter­ror­ist fund­ing of Al Arian from the Saudis. The Saudis’ “Inter­na­tional Insti­tute for Islamic Research (IIIR)” is banned as a known fund­ing source for ter­ror­ism world­wide, but like the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood, it enjoys a strange immu­nity from the United States Depart­ment of Justice. . .Ibid.; pp. 263–265. NORTHCOM ran all of our phone num­bers through their ter­ror­ist data base. “It lit up like a Christ­mas tree!” The agent exclaimed. NORTHCOM knew that ter­ror­ists over­seas were call­ing Amer­i­can phone num­bers, but had no idea who they were con­tact­ing or why they were call­ing. Our lit­tle tele­phone com­pany had pro­vided U.S. intel­li­gence with a nearly com­plete map of every ter­ror­ist cell in the USA and abroad that called the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood for help.

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UK P.M. David Cameron Calls US Terror 'Expert' Steve Emerson a 'Complete Idiot' For Emerson's Fox News Claim Birmingham UK is Muslim-Only City.

UK TELEGRAPH NEWS: Prime Minister ridicules US pundit who claimed Birmingham is a no-go zone for non-Muslims. Steve Emerson is now the laughing stock fool of the UK. Steve Emerson an American so-called “terrorism expert” who claimed that Birmingham is a Muslim-only city is “clearly a complete idiot”, David Cameron has said. Fox News issued a retraction, pointing out that 21 per cent of Birmingham is Muslim, with 46.1 per cent identifying as Christian. After being contacted by The Telegraph, Mr Emerson released a fulsome apology, saying he "clearly made a terrible error for which I am deeply sorry", what a fool and a tool of Fox News..
ArtsFest 2012 brings free performances amp activities to Birmingham  UK
Photo..Art Festival in Birmingham UK no Sharia court here.

The Prime Minister said he choked on his porridge after hearing the claim by Steve Emerson, a Fox News pundit, that non-Muslims “simply don’t go” to Britain’s second-largest city. Mr Emerson issued a grovelling apology after issuing the claim. Mr Cameron said: “Frankly I choked on my porridge and thought it must be April’s Fools Day. This guy is clearly a complete idiot. He started with an apology. That’s not a bad start. But what he should do is look at Birmingham and see what a fantastic example it is bringing people together of different faiths and different backgrounds and building a world-class brilliant city with a great and strong economy.”  Mr Emerson made the claim during a television discussion about no-go zones in Europe where Muslims are apparently in complete control.

Chinese Falun Gong practitioners demonstrate the exercises in downtown Birmingham, no Sharia court here.
"In Britain, it's not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don't go in," he said. Mr Emerson, who describes himself as "an internationally recognised expert on terrorism", did not stop there. "Parts of London, there are actually Muslim religious police that actually beat and actually wound seriously anyone who doesn't dress according to Muslim, religious Muslim attire," he proclaimed, without giving examples. He described Birmingham as one of a number of European cities "where sharia courts were set up, where Muslim density is very intense, where the police don't go in, and where it's basically a separate country almost, a country within a country."

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Barack Obama Frees Al-Qaeda Terrorist Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri From Prison Early, al-Marri Plotted to Put Cyanide Gas Into NYC Subway System, Are you Nuts B.O.


Ali Saleh Kahlah al Marri -- an admitted Al Qaeda operative in the United States -- was released last week from a federal prison prior to completing his 15-year sentence because of “time served,” the Justice Department told Fox News on Tuesday. Al Marri had been in U.S. custody since 2001, after reportedly being picked up on a routine traffic stop just weeks after the 9-11 terror attacks. During a routine check, police discovered federal authorities already had him on their radar.

Ali Al-Marri, in a file photo.

Ali Al-Marri, in a file photo:
He was arrested and charged with providing "material support or resources" to 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other Al Qaeda operatives in 2009.
The 49-year-old al Marri, a Qatar native, at the time of his arrest was a U.S. resident attending graduate school.
Al Marri was freed on Friday, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
His departure follows a series of releases of detainees from the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as President Obama tries to close the facility, opened in the wake of the 9-11 attacks.

May 1st, 2009....FBI REPORT...Ali Al-Marri Pleads Guilty to Provide Material Support to Al-Qaeda for Cyanide Gas Plot NYC Subway System. Ali al-Marri was an al-Qaeda ‘sleeper’ operative working on U.S. soil and directed by the chief planner of the 9-11 attacks. Al-Marri researched the use of chemical weapons, potential targets and maximum casualties,” said Arthur M. Cummings, II, Executive Assistant Director of the FBI’s National Security Branch. Al-Marri was instructed by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to enter the United States no later than Sept. 10, 2001, with an understanding that he was to remain in the United States for an undetermined length of time.

Post 9/11 World - Terror Goes UNDER GROUND

NEW YORK (Tom Hays, AP) — It’s the morning rush in the Times Square subway station, a routine convergence of humanity and mass transit that makes New York City hum.

Mixing seamlessly with subway riders are New York Police Department officers with heavy body armor and high-powered rifles, commanders in blue NYPD polo shirts carrying smart phone-size radiation detectors and a panting police dog named Sabu.
"This is the new normal," Inspector Scott Shanley of the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Division says. "The only people who sometimes get raised up are tourists."
Since terrorists brought down the twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001, subways have been bombed in terror attacks across the world, including in Madrid, London and this spring in Minsk, Belarus. The possibility that New York’s sprawling, porous and famously gritty subway system could be next has become a constant worry — leading to a new normal of suspicious package alerts, bomb-sniffing dogs, cameras trained on commuters and passengers listening to the missive, “if you see something, say something.”
The campaigns encouraging residents to report suspicious activity strike Manhattan writer Anne Nelson, 57, as Orwellian.
"New York is about expression and life and vibrancy," she said, walking through Times Square. "It’s not about living in an atmosphere of fear."
But authorities here believe a serious attack on the 24-hour subway system with more than 400 stations, would potentially cripple the city in ways worse than the Sept. 11, 2001 attack — a concern shared by U.S. cities and countries reliant on mass transit and viewed as enemies by terrorists.
The human toll — going back to Aum Shinrikyo cult’s 1995 nerve gas attack that killed 12 people and injured thousands in Tokyo’s subways — has already been devastating. In Madrid, Islamic militants set off 10 backpack bombs on the commuter rail network in 2004, killing 191 people and wounding more than 1,800; in London, another suicide bomb strike killed 52 commuters and injured 700 in the city’s deadliest attack since World War II; and earlier this year in Minsk, a remote-controlled bomb killed 12 people and wounded 200 in the city’s main subway station.
In New York, no one has pulled off an attack, but there have been plenty of scares.
Last year, a homegrown al-Qaida operative, Najibullah Zazi, pleaded guilty to plotting a suicide bomb attack timed for rush hour to cause the most bloodshed. The former airport shuttle driver told a judge his plan was “to conduct a martyrdom operation on the subway lines in Manhattan.” The NYPD also foiled a 2004 plot to bomb Manhattan’s Herald Square subway station. And there were reports in that al-Qaida considered a cyanide attack on the subway system in 2003.
New York’s subway system, the largest in the U.S., has more than 465 far-flung stations, most with multiple entrances, and 800 miles (1,290 kilometers) of track. Last year, it carried 5.2 million riders on the average weekday — more than double the number of travelers who pass through U.S. airports each day.
"It’s really a potentially very vulnerable environment — one that you can’t totally protect," said William Bratton, a security firm executive who’s headed New York and Los Angeles’ police departments and was chief of the New York City transit police. "That’s the reality of it. … It’s a unique challenge."
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has said the NYPD tries to meet that challenge by going to “extraordinary lengths” in the subways “to make our presence seen and felt in different ways, giving would-be terrorists and common criminals cause to think twice.
Pre-2001, covering that ground meant mostly fighting conventional crime — from robberies and assaults to fare beating and drug possession.
Post, the department has asked its 2,500 uniformed and plainclothes transit officers to fight terror as well.
Officers have been given training in how to spot terror suspects casing the subways. They’ve also been instructed to be on the alert for people walking in a stiff manner, sweating heavily and talking to themselves — signs of a potential suicide bomber.
The counterterror arsenal includes more than 30 bomb-sniffing dogs; silent alarms and motion detectors to prevent tampering with ventilation systems to make a chemical or biological attack more lethal; and a vast system of security cameras wired with live feeds from Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal and Herald Square.
More new normal: Random bag checks — once challenged in court as a civil rights violation — are done tens of thousands of times each year in the subways with barely any complaints. The department uses high-tech detection devices to screen riders for peroxides or nitrates common in homemade explosives, sometimes with the help of agents on loan from the Transportation Safety Administration.
The bag searches are part of life in Boston and in Washington, D.C., where a Virginia man admitted this year to joining what he thought was an al-Qaida plot to bomb Washington’s Metrorail system. The “see something, say something” campaign” started in New York is now a mantra aboard Amtrak.
New York’s strategy also includes regular tunnel inspections and roving teams of officers who go onto subway cars asking passengers to beware of suspicious packages. The officers can calm commuters, discourage would-be attacks or disrupt plots already set in motion, police say.
Police rely on counterterrorism drills to stay sharp. One exercise involves having an undercover officer with a mock device, stashed in a backpack and emitting gamma rays, slip into the subway to test the ability to detect and neutralize real radioactive threats.
Above ground, the department has dispatched detectives to Moscow, Madrid, London and Mumbai, India, to see what lessons can be learned from overseas terror attacks.
London’s transit system has long been affected by the threat of bombs — there are no garbage bins on the subway or in train stations, for example, a legacy of the years when London was an IRA target.
After the 2005 attack, emergency services were criticized for lapses in their response — confusion, a shortage of first aid supplies and radios that did not work underground.
Police have since been issued digital radios capable of operating throughout the subway system; and some members of the British Transport Police officers now patrol the transit network with guns. Most British police do not carry firearms.
Home Secretary Theresa May, the government official responsible for MI5, said earlier this year that “a considerable number of improvements” had been put in place since 2005 but declined to give details for security reasons.
In Spain, the national rail company Renfe said security measures on that network have in fact been beefed up since the massacre. But it refused to give details, calling the issue confidential and sensitive.
Another state-owned company, Adif, which manages Spain’s long-distance train stations, said it has assigned more guards at train stations and broadened use of closed-circuit security cameras.
The heightened security in subways has become second nature in New York.
But after walking through Grand Central Terminal last week, 54-year-old consultant Robin Gant said the threat of terrorism still weighs on her 10 years after the Sept. 11 attacks. But she wondered about how one can fairly point out who’s a threat.
"I look at people and who’s to judge? You just never know who might be the one," she said. "No matter how safe you feel, you’re always on yellow alert."

Original Article
Al-Marri also conducted online research of various cyanide compounds, including hydrogen cyanide, potassium cyanide, and sodium cyanide. He reviewed toxicity levels, locations where these items could be purchased, and specific pricing of the compounds (SUBWAY PLOT & POISON WATER SUPPLY PLOT). He also explored obtaining sulfuric acid, a well-known binary agent used in a hydrogen cyanide binary device to create cyanide gas. Al-Marri agrees that the government would prove at trial this is the method taught by al Qaeda for manufacturing cyanide gas. He also agrees that the government would prove at trial that an almanac recovered in his residence was bookmarked at pages showing dams, waterways and tunnels in the United States, consistent with al Qaeda attack planning regarding the use of cyanide gases.

Post 9/11 World - Terror Goes UNDER GROUND:

April 25, 2013 - RT The New York City Police Department announced Wednesday that it will deploy, then track, what it calls “harmless” gases into the city’s subway system over three non-consecutive days this summer. The plan, to be enacted in July, will investigate New York’s readiness to handle a chemical terrorist attack by dispersing the colorless gas and tracing it as it flows through the city, according to Scientific American. The test is expected to cost $3.4 million and is scheduled to be carried out in all five boroughs and dozens of stations on 21 of the city's 34 subway lines.

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PROFILE OF A MUSLIM TERRORIST: NYPD Report Radicalization in the West The Homegrown Threat.

Jailed Zachary Chesser, Who Threatened “South Park” Creators, admits Al-Qaida Terror Link and was an early member of Yousef al-Khattab’s crew whose members have all been arrested by the NYPD, convicted on terror charges and sent to prison.


PROFILE OF A MUSLIM TERRORIST: NYPD Report Radicalization in the West The Homegrown Threat.
Prepared by:
Mitchell D. Silber and Arvin Bhatt
Senior Intelligence Analysts
NYPD Intelligence Division

PREFACE: While terrorism has been with us for centuries, the destructive power and global reach of modern terrorism is unprecedented. The entire world witnessed the attacks of
September 11, 2001, but most of the attacks and attempted attacks since then have shown 9/11 to be an anomaly rather than the standard pattern for terrorism in the homeland.
If the post-September 11th world has taught us anything, it is that the tools for conducting serious terrorist attacks are becoming easier to acquire. Therefore intention becomes
an increasingly important factor in the formation of terrorist cells. This study is an attempt to look at how that intention forms, hardens and leads to an attack or attempted
attack using real world case studies. While the threat from overseas remains, many of the terrorist attacks or thwarted plots against cities in Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States have been conceptualized and planned by local residents/citizens who sought to attack their country of residence.

Crossing the line? Free Speech or Terror; Published March 14th 2009…..“I don’t know if this is my jihad,” says Yousef Al-Khattab, (recently sent to prison). The majority of these individuals began as “unremarkable” - they had “unremarkable” jobs, had lived “unremarkable” lives and had little, if any criminal history. The recently thwarted plot by homegrown jihadists, in May 2007, against Fort Dix in New Jersey, only underscores the seriousness of this emerging threat. Understanding this trend and the radicalization process in the West that drives “unremarkable” people to become terrorists is vital for developing effective counterstrategies. This realization has special importance for the NYPD and the City of New York. As one of the country’s iconic symbols and the target of numerous terrorist plots since the 1990’s, New York City continues to be the one of the top targets of terrorists worldwide.

A New York City Police Department Counter Terrorism Unit officer patrols in Times Square. The foiled bomb plot three years ago shows how terrorism has evolved.

Consequently, the NYPD places a priority on understanding what drives and defines the radicalization process. The aim of this report is to assist policymakers and law enforcement officials, both in Washington and throughout the country, by providing a thorough understanding of the kind of threat we face domestically. It also seeks to contribute to the debate among intelligence and law enforcement agencies on how best to counter this emerging threat by better understanding what constitutes the radicalization process.

Jihadist or jihadi-Salafi ideology is the driver that motivates young men and women, bornor living in the West, to carry out “autonomous jihad” via acts of terrorism against their
host countries. It guides movements, identifies the issues, drives recruitment and is the basis for action.
• This ideology has served as the inspiration for numerous homegrown groups including the Madrid March 2004 bombers, Amsterdam’s Hofstad Group, London’s July 2005 bombers, the Australians arrested as part of Operation
Pendennis in late 2005 and the Toronto 18 arrested in June 2006.

Islamic Society of Bay Ridge

Muslim-American men praying in 2010 in front of the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn.

Process: An assessment of the various reported models of radicalization leads to the conclusion
that the radicalization process is composed of four distinct phases:

• Stage 1: Pre-Radicalization
• Stage 2: Self-Identification
• Stage 3: Indoctrination
• Stage 4: Jihadization
o Each of these phases is unique and has specific signatures
o All individuals who begin this process do not necessarily pass through all the stages
o Many stop or abandon this process at different points
o Although this model is sequential, individuals do not always follow a perfectly linear progression
o Individuals who do pass through this entire process are quite likely to be involved in the planning or implementation of a terrorist act.

Hatchet-Wielding Islamic Subway Terrorist Had Prior Arrests in California
The NYPD revealed in a press conference on Friday that Zale Thompson, the hatchet-weilding lone Muslim terrorist who attempted to ax four police officers to death in a Queens, New York subway on Thursday had several prior arrests in Oxnard, California and was released. PHASES OF RADICALIZATION:
PRE-RADICALIZATION. Pre-Radicalization is the point of origin for individuals before they begin this progression. It is their life situation before they were exposed to and adopted jihadi-Salafi Islam as their own ideology.
• The majority of the individuals involved in these plots began as “unremarkable” - they had “ordinary” jobs, had lived “ordinary” lives and had little, if any criminal history.

Revolution Muslim co-founder Jesse C. Morton, for example, was sentenced in 2012 to 111 / 2 years in prison after admitting that he encouraged extremists to attack the writers of the “South Park” animated TV show because an episode featured the prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.

SELF-IDENTIFICATION. Self-Identification is the phase where individuals, influenced by both internal and external factors, begin to explore Salafi Islam, gradually gravitate away from their old identity and begin to associate themselves with like-minded individuals and adopt this ideology as their own. The catalyst for this “religious seeking” is a cognitive opening, or crisis, which shakes one’s certitude in previously held beliefs
and opens an individual to be receptive to new worldviews.

The website, Revolution Muslim, ( shut down).
The Internet is a driver and enabler for the process of radicalization:
o In the Self-Identification phase, the Internet provides the wandering mind of the conflicted young Muslim or potential convert with direct access to unfiltered radical and extremist ideology.
o It also serves as an anonymous virtual meeting place—a place where virtual groups of like-minded and conflicted individuals can meet, form virtual relationships and discuss and share the jihadi-Salafi message they have encountered.
o During the Indoctrination phase, when individuals adopt this virulent ideology, they begin interpreting the world from this newly-formed context. Cloaked with a veil of objectivity, the Internet allows the aspiring jihadist to view the world and global conflicts through this extremist lens, further reinforcing the objectives and political arguments of the jihadi-Salafi agenda.
o In the Jihadization phase, when an individual commits to jihad, the Internet serves as an enabler—providing broad access to an array of information on targets, their vulnerabilities and the design of weapons. Read more click here

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Modern-day 'Bonnie and Clyde' Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips Nabbed in Panama City Beach Fl, Too Early for Spring Break.

Modern-day 'Bonnie and Clyde' Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips appeared to have tried to get a jump on Spring Break in Panama City Beach Fl but the dopes were caught by cops sleeping in a stolen pick-up with hot plates, dumb and dumber live.

bonnie clyde teens
Two teenagers who have blazed a trail of crime in the South were arrested Sunday morning in Panama City Beach, Florida, authorities said in a statement. US Marshal's Service and local police discovered 18-year-old Dalton Hayes and 13-year-old Cheyenne Phillips asleep in a 2011 Toyota Tundra that was stolen in Henry County, Georgia, Grayson County Sheriff officials said.
 In this December 2014 photo provided by Tammy Martin, her son Dalton Hayes poses with his girlfriend Cheyenne Phillips at his family´s home in Leitchfield, Ky.
Law enforcement surrounded the truck and apprehended the two individuals without incident. Police said the process has begun to get both teenagers back to Kentucky to answer for multiple felony charges. Hayes and Phillips vanished Jan. 3 from their small hometown in western Kentucky. Since then, the two left a path of stolen vehicles and pilfered checks and were spotted in Florida prior to their arrest.

The truck the couple are believed to be driving. (Handout)
The truck the couple are believed to be driving. (Handout)
Authorities believe their travels took them to South Carolina and Georgia. Hayes' mother, Tammy Martin, had urged her son and his companion to surrender and "face the consequences." Martin said the couple had been dating for about three months. She said the girl portrayed herself as being 19, and the family, including Hayes, believed her.

Dalton Hayes Cheyenne Phillips Missing
Cheyenne "would go in and write checks, and she would come out with cigarettes and stuff, so I didn't have any reason not to believe she wasn't 19," Martin said. "Because normally you can't buy cigarettes when you're 13 years old.
By the time her son realized she was a mere 13, "he was already done in love with her," Martin said. Hayes been on the run from burglary and theft charges in Kentucky stemming from an arrest late last year, according to Grayson County court records.

NOTE: Update, In the Tampa area, The Schnitt Show is now heard live 3:06-6pm on 1250 WHNZ and replayed 6:06-9pm on 970 WFLA Panama City Fl.

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The dangerous side of online dating Panama City Beach Fl Bill Warner Florida private investigator offers on his website to “sort out the winners from the losers” for $65. PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA // With as many as 40 million single Americans using online dating services or web-networking sites such as MySpace to look for love, it would seem that there has never been an easier time to find a soulmate online. But experts, law enforcement officials and private investigators warn that the world of internet romance is fraught with peril, ranging from liars to sexual predators and even murderers, who hide their motives behind seemingly innocuous virtual identities. The numbers are worrisome – and horror stories abound.
In Boston medical student, Philip Markoff, dubbed the "Craigslist killer" by the media, was arrested and changed with murdering a masseuse who advertised on the popular website's erotic services section. Two months later Craigslist was hit with another scandal when it emerged that a North Carolina man used the site to hire a man to rape his wife while the husband watched. Bill Warner, a Florida private investigator who offers on his website to "sort out the winners from the losers" for a flat fee of $65, says running background checks on potential internet dates now constitutes more than 50 per cent of his business.
"Usually the problem is that the man is married or he turns out to be one of these crazy stalker people that follows a woman for months," he said in a telephone interview. In many cases, Mr Warner said he would discover that men had joined a site using a false name, a prepaid, throwaway cell phone and a phoney e-mail address from free services such as Yahoo or Hotmail. "There are a lot of people out there who get jazzed up by disguising themselves," he said, adding that nearly 100 per cent of his cases involved women being victimised by men.
"It's shameful because it lulls women into a false sense of security," said Mr Warner. "You get young naive women or the over-50 year olds who are recently divorced, they are often excited about meeting a new man and they make easy prey." In some instances, the first date ends in violence. Last October, for example, police in Minnesota charged a 39-year-old man with raping a woman he met through the internet, after he slipped drugs into her drink that caused her to pass out.

In other cases, the motive is financial. Police in Tampa, Florida arrested a Tennessee man who was wanted for swindling a woman he met online out of tens of thousands of dollars and leasing a Mercedes in her name that he wrecked, leaving her with more than $60,000 in liabilities. There are stories that are even more sinister. The Safer Online Dating Alliance warns women on its website never to post photos of their children, nor to describe them in detail, saying that single mothers who openly say they seek partners who like children have inadvertently attracted paedophiles
NOTE: Update, In the Tampa area, The Schnitt Show is now heard live 3:06-6pm on 1250 WHNZ and replayed 6:06-9pm on 970 WFLA Panama City Fl.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bomb Threat Empties Southside Elementary School Sarasota Fl No Security Guards or Cops Are Posted at Any Sarasota Elementary School What's Next?

Bomb threat empties Southside Elementary School Sarasota Fl no security guards or school resource (cops) officers are posted at any Sarasota elementary school, no bomb found, that’s good, but what is next for this school, is the school now a target for some deranged person, was the cops response time tested? A bomb threat called into Southside Elementary School Thursday afternoon led police to evacuate some 700 students as they searched the school for explosives. The school's front office received a phone call at about 1:15 p.m., during which an anonymous caller said there was a bomb inside the school. School officials called the Sarasota Police Department (AS THERE ARE NO POLICE OFFICERS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS). Officers helped to evacuate students, all of whom were “safe and accounted for,” said Sarasota Police spokeswoman Genevieve Judge.

NRA Calls For Armed Security Guards At Schools: Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight Agrees Armed Security Guards Would Be Option For Elementary Schools. Sarasota County has resource officers at middle schools and high schools but not elementary schools. Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight said Friday that security guards might be a more affordable option, but he is willing to consider more deputies. “If the school district believes that’s what they want to secure their schools, we’ll certainly engage in that conversation,” Knight said.

Why Aren’t Armed Security Guards Available To Protect Elementary Schools Like Sandy Hook, One Guy Would Make A Difference. Why did mass murderer like Adam Lanza, who has a high IQ and is a gamer and a loner, choose his targets and kill Innocent children who he had no previous contact with. Was it the infusion of violent video games were you kill hundreds of your enemy and earn points that influenced goofball Adam Lanza in his bizarre world. Why was the target unprotected, don’t we deserve to go to send our children to school and not have to worry about some crazed wack job shooting up the place?

The first line of defense for schools and movie theaters and malls and just about every other place where large groups of people and children congregate should be armed Security Guards with radios who could confront suspicious people and contact Law Enforcement immediately on the OUTSIDE of the building, before the perp gets into the building.

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Tips Roll In About Honor Killer Yaser Said Frequenting a Hookah Lounge On Steinway St Little Egypt Astoria Queens NY, FBI Contacted

My investigation on Yaser Said has also been featured in major newspapers like the ‘UK Daily News’, the ‘NY Post‘, the ’NY Daily News‘, and “Fox News National“. The Muslim underground in New York City is hiding Honor Killer Yaser Said and his sister Ghada Said and has been for years. Tips have been coming in from people who will not talk to law enforcement but will talk to me about Honor Killer Yaser Said frequenting a Hookah Lounge on Steinway Street in Little Egypt, Astoria Queens NY, the FBI has been contacted.

BREAKING IN HUNT FOR YASER SAID: Saturday July 11th, 2015 Interpol Red Notice Issued For the Arrest of Murdering Pedophile Yaser Abdel Said. An Interpol Red Notice is the closest instrument to an international arrest warrant in use today. Interpol (the International Criminal Police Organization) circulates notices to member countries listing persons who are wanted for extradition.

HOOKAH LOUNGES IN ‘LITTLE EGYPT’ ASTORIA QUEENS NY: Most recently I was in New York City from September 5th to September 9th with two other private investigators searching for Honor Killer Yaser Said, we were based in Times Square at the Double Tree Suites searching cabs in midtown, we also searched the cab stands at Newark Liberty International Airport and the Hookah Lounges in ‘Little Egypt’ Astoria Queens NY, see the FBI NY Press Release, link at

FBI New York City Field Office To Assist Dallas FBI In Searching For Honor Killer Yaser Said Offers $20,000 Reward. For the last several years I have been the only investigator who has the nerve to stuck my neck out and gone on screen with national media TV like Fox News NY with Megan Kelly and Inside Edition with Lisa Guerrero and John Walsh’s AMW to claim I knew that Honor Killer Yaser Said was working as a taxi driver in Metro New York City and more then likely living in ‘Little Egypt’ Astoria Queens NY.
There is no doubt that taxi driver Yaser Said fled the Dallas Metro area after murdering his two daughters on January 1st 2008. HONOR KILLER YASER SAID: TRACKING A COLD BLOODED MURDERER. Wanted and on the run Ghada Said is the sister of Honor Killer Yaser Said. Yaser Said's brothers and a sister, Ghada, had come to the United States in 1983 after their father in Egypt had divorced their mother, remarried and started another family. The brothers moved to America to start a new life after being left with nothing by their father. Yaser Said had no secondary education and few skills.The Said family was against Yaser's marriage to Tissie from the beginning, one brother said.


HONOR KILLER YASER SAID: TRACKING A COLD BLOODED MURDERER. Wanted and on the run Ghada Said is the sister of Honor Killer Yaser Said. Yaser Said had veered from Muslim and Egyptian cultural practices early on, first by marrying Tissie after his brother dumped her. He describes the Owens family as "lower class, uneducated, racist," always trying to sneak the children into Christian church. No God-fearing Muslim would readily accept a wedding in a Christian church. He is setting aside all his religion and cultural upbringing. If he'll do that, he'll do anything." Allowing his wife and unmarried daughters to work, those are "shameful acts".

Texas ‘honor killing’ suspect Yaser Said could be hiding in plain sight as NYC cabbie, private investigator Bill Warner says. “It’s all he knows and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he’s there working as a taxi driver,” Warner, who has worked on and off tracking Said, told"In the Koran, the male must support his family. Something was seriously wrong in this family. "October 24, 1998, In an interview with Sarah, the 8-year-old told deputies about her father's alleged sexual molestation and said she was afraid of "her dad and his brothers...scared they will take her." In Dallas County, he was charged with felony "retaliation" after Tissie filed a complaint alleging he threatened to kill her and take the children after being indicted on December 17, 1998, for "sexual penetration" of both girls. 

All roads lead to Metro New York City in the search for honor killer taxi driver Yaser Said so that is why 3 private investigators from Florida went to Times Square and elsewhere in Manhattan to find Yaser Said. ‘Muslim man Yaser Said who murdered his daughters in shocking honor killing is working as a New York City cab driver’. Jack Beasley, manager at Yellow/Jet Cab, says that Yaser had been fired in August 2003. The company banned Yaser from future leasing because customers complained that he was "crazy," Beasley says. "Other cab companies would not hire him because nobody wanted to work with him anymore." King Cab owner Massoud Nasseri was an exception, and he continued to provide Yaser work. Nasseri, who came to the United States in the 1970s from Iran, says Yaser worked long hours, but would not leave the house unless Islam was there to make sure the girls stayed home at night. He worked the graveyard shift six or seven days a week. Never drew complaints. Never got scared. "He wasn't a sissy man," Nasseri says. "He worked night clubs, and he knew the danger of driving at night. He would work places others wouldn't work."  

1). See Fox News article on taxi driver Yaser Said in NYC

2). See UK Daily Mail article on taxi driver Yaser Said in NYC at

3). See FBI most wanted poster on taxi driver Yaser Said in NYC

4). See NY Daily News article about taxi driver Yaser Said in NYC

5). See New York Village Voice article about taxi driver Yaser Said in NYC

6). See GA Daily News article about taxi driver Yaser Said in NYC

7). See NY Post article about taxi driver Yaser Said in NYC

8). See ‘INSIDE EDITION’ news article about taxi driver Yaser Said in NYC

9). See Most Wanted Siblings ‘Honor Killer’ Yaser Said And His Sister Ghada Said Could Be Hiding in Metro NYC

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