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Affidavit Seeks Federal Civil Rights Probe Into Sheena Morris Murder At Bradenton Beach Fl Hotel, Here Comes The FBI.


SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE...BRADENTON BEACH - Sheena Morris and her fiance, Joe Genoese, checked in at the BridgeWalk resort in Bradenton Beach on Dec. 30, 2008, to find a place to be married, she never left alive. It is a near certainty that no one will ever be criminally charged for the 2009 death of Sheena Morris, a former cheerleader whose case captured the attention of Southwest Florida and two national television shows. But a pair of veteran investigators — who go by the name “Archangels of Justice” and who are not being compensated for their work — have probed the case in recent months and proposed a new tack: using investigative affidavits to force a federal civil rights probe. The strategy employed by Sal Rastrelli and Ira Robins has proven successful before. There are ongoing federal civil rights investigations in Illinois and Wisconsin involving cases that the two investigators examined. In the case of Morris — whose body was found hanging in a motel shower stall on New Year's Day 2009, just hours after two Bradenton Beach police officers left the scene of the altercation between Morris and her boyfriend — the investigators allege that her civil rights were violated by police who bungled their investigation, by agents of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement who failed to do their job when they reviewed the case and by a prosecutor who took an advocacy position against Morris and her family rather than assessing the evidence. The two investigators have more than 83 years of combined investigative experience. On Monday, 4/21/2015, the duo hand-delivered 33-page affidavits to Rep. Vern Buchanan's office, the FBI, Bradenton Beach Mayor Bill Shearon and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Tampa. The affidavits include 22 exhibits and five DVDs the investigators say make their case.

I took to the streets one very hot day to protest with mom Kelly Osborn in front of the Bradenton Beach City Hall to protest the cover up of the murder of her daughter Sheena Morris. I have said it more than once, the death of Sheena Morris was a murder set up to look like a suicide, Bradenton Beach Cops, who are run by Chief Sam Speciale, could not figure it out and it is about time the FBI takes over.

Saturday July 28th, 2012 Sarasota Herald Tribune: Mystery of Sheena Morris’ death. Sheena Morris, 22, was found dead in a Beach hotel room on New Year’s Day, 2009. Police found her hanging in a shower stall hours after she had a fight with her fiance. Detective Lenard Diaz, the lone detective at the small police department, quickly concluded Sheena hanged herself, and closed the case as a suicide. But Sheena’s mother, Kelly Osborn, never accepted Diaz’s findings. Osborn began a three-year quest to prove that her daughter was murdered and the scene staged to appear as a suicide. Along the way, she gained support from the country’s top forensic experts, who all agree Sheena did not commit suicide and that the hotel room was a “staged crime scene.”

STAGED SUICIDE: Sheena Morris was found hanging in the shower area with part of her body touching the shower floor, there was sand on Sheena’s feet but the tile on the bathroom floor was clean as was the shower floor, that is impossible unless the Bradenton Beach police department believes Sheena Morris “flew into the shower“. The only thing the Bradenton Beach Police did do was dust for finger prints in the shower where she was hung. They did not find any finger prints (no prints of any kind). Sheena and Joe Genoese were already in this hotel for two days with no cleaning service because she brought her two Yorkies with them and it is not a pet friendly hotel…..NO PRINTS OR SAND IN THE SHOWER AREA AND TWO PEOPLE USED THE SHOWER OVER A TWO DAY PERIOD WITH NO CLEANING SERVICE AT A HOTEL ON THE BEACH???
Following is compiled information that I am aware of in the murder of Sheena Morris; “In early April 2011 the medical examiner’s office changed the death certificate of Sheena Morris from a suicide to now “undetermined.” That alone is enough for the Bradenton Beach police department to formally request Manatee County Sheriff’s office to take over with the new evidence in this case. But, Bradenton Beach Police and the Mayor are giving the family lip service, telling them to “have a lawyer contact them if they wish to discuss their daughters case.”
On January 1, 2009 Sheena Morris was found deceased in a hotel room at the Bridge Walk Resort in Anna Maria Island, Florida. She was found hung in the shower with her buttocks only 6 to 7 inches off the floor and legs straight out in front of her. (This was a stand-up shower, the garden tub was separate) Prior to her being found Sheena,22, and her boyfriend Joe Genoese, 45, had a fight that prompted people in the next room to call 911 to report a domestic violence disturbance, January 1st, 2009 was also Joe Genoese’s birthday. Officer John Tsakiri and Officer Mike Bazell with the Bradenton Beach Police Department responded to the call.

As they arrived they passed Joe Genoese in the stairway and continued to Sheena’s hotel room. According to the reports of the Domestic Disturbance the 911 call was dispatched at 1:21am and they arrived at 1:22am and they completed their call at 1:50am. According to other reports this 911 call wasn’t dispatched from Manatee County Sheriff’s Department until 1:46am. The Domestic Disturbance report was never written until 1/3/2009 after the report of her death.
At 2:05am Sheena places her own 911 call to the Hillsborough County Police where her apartment was located. She wanted the police to help check on her apartment because she stated that Joe Genoese, DOB 1/01/1964, was “going to ruin her apartment because she ruined his life”. Throughout the investigation Det. Lenard Diaz insists that Sheena never made a 911 despite having her cell phone in his possession. Sheena’s phone was in her mother’s name and was able to check the call logs and then obtained the 911 call. Despite being aware of the domestic disturbance just prior to Sheena’s death, her 911 call and not finding any finger prints in the shower (not even hers) they ruled Sheena’s death a suicide.

Joe Genoese, DOB 1/01/1964, Domestic Battery Charge. Joe Genoese has a history of domestic violence with an arrest in June 2009, his DOB 1/01/1964, Sheena Morris murdered on 1/01/2009, his birthday. It appears Joe Genoese was born in Italy and he has run several painting/construction companies in Central Florida and the Indian Rocks Beach Fl area. Men who batter women never change. Sheena Morris, 22, was in Anna Maria Island for New Years of 2009, she was found dead, January 1st, 2009, after a domestic dispute the night before with her boyfriend Joe Genoese who is now 48. Mom, Kelly Osborn, tells me that Joe Genoese hangs out at strip clubs and high end dinner spots in Pinellas County, she last saw him at a strip club preying on another young dancer, to be continued.
July 9th, 2012, Syracuse, NY – Family and friends of a Clay woman who died in Florida are trying to get the attention of Florida officials to reopen a probe into the woman’s death by holding simultaneous marches here and in Florida. Sheena Morris, 22, who was born and raised in Central New York, was found hanged in her hotel room on Jan. 1, 2009 on Anna Maria Island in Florida. Her death was ruled a suicide by the Bradenton Beach Police Department. Morris’ family say they have evidence that proves her death was not a suicide. They want the state to turn the case over to the FBI for a new investigation. “We need to gain awareness and start forcing the hands of the Florida officials down here,” said Kelly Osborn, Morris’ mother “We want the public’s attention. We want justice.”

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