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Surveillance Photos of Orlando Fl Radical Cleric Abu Taubah's Terrorist Training Camp Maata Moulana Mauritania For ISIS, Boko Haram, and Al-Qaeda

TERRORISM IN WEST AFRICA: FOX News, Terror triumvirate ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram training together in Mauritania analyst. ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda all have links to two camps in the remote sands of the expansive North African country, according to Ms. Veryan Khan, editorial director for the Florida-based Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC), which tracks international terrorism and had a source on the ground in Maata moulana, Mauritania. Foreign fighters can reach Maata Moulana via Nouakchott International Airport a international airport located in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. Mauritania Airlines International has been based there since early 2011, Turkish Airlines serves the airport with flights to Istanbul-Atatürk a hub for ISIS fighters. Terror recruits from the USA and Canada went overseas to Mauritania to study the Qur’an and learn Arabic which is a precursor for any Westerner who wants to join a Arabic terrorist group like AQIM. 
Over the years Orlando Fl Radical Cleric Abu Taubah aka Marcus Robertson has met and studied with many scholars, activists and spent several years studying in rural Mauritania (Maata Moulana) under a number of scholars in the traditional way. Abu Taubah aka Marcus Robertson has mastered the Arabic language and its sciences, memorised the Qur'an just as it is taught in Maata Moulana Mauritania.
Ms. Veryan Khan editorial director for TRAC
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Veryan Khan

Maata Moulana Mauritania, is south-east of Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania, West Africa, about 112 miles one way.  In south-east of Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania, West Africa, lies Matamoulana, a small village of the Saharan-Sahelian desert. To get there from Nouakchott you travel 130 kilometers(80 miles) of paved road, along the locally famous "Route de l'espoir or Hope Roads " then you have to 'caravan' with 4x4 vehicles over 50 kilometers (32 miles) of a sandy, jolty, unpaved track. See satellite map of Maata Moulana, Mauritania CLICK HERE you can zoom into street level. Terror recruits from the USA and Canada went overseas to Mauritania to study the Qur’an and learn Arabic which is a precursor for any Westerner who wants to join a Arabic terrorist group like AQIM.
TRAC: Mauritania is on the edge of becoming the transit point of not only for training and radicalization for transnational attacks but also for attacks within the nation's borders. Although the unchecked slavery market has always burdened the nation, between the recent prison releases, combined with al Qaeda in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) interest in the region and Salafist adult radicalization madrasas, the "Islamic Republic of Mauritania" is undergoing jihadist activity at an accelerated rate.
Maata Moulana stands in the middle of the Sahara, middle of no-where, and no paved roads lead to it - this is where they teach the "true Islam", say the residents, Maata Moulana means "God's gift". Following a branch of Sufism, Maata Moulana is aimed to be a Muslim utopia, the perfect Muslim society. No alcohol or tobacco is allowed, there are no TVs at home, and it is up to local leaders to resolve conflicts between the inhabitants. If staying overnight in Maata Moulana you will be woken up early in the morning by rather terrifying and aggressive screams of "Allahu Akbar!", coming from the mosque. Terror recruits from the USA and Canada went overseas to Mauritania to study the Qur’an and learn Arabic which is a precursor for any Westerner who wants to join a Arabic terrorist group like AQIM.
 Why isn’t anyone asking the news media that; if Sufism in Mosul were so peaceful, why would they join the world’s most notorious and violent terrorist group in the world, ISIS? Indeed, so many Muslims are elated at the progress of ISIS since they see that the Caliphate is in sight in Iraq. And if the head of the former CIA director was so mediocre not to comprehend the threat of Mahdism and the Caliphate, what makes the rest of our intelligence and media anymore brighter? Today even Shiite Sufis are seeing the closeness of Mahdi’s coming, especially when they see Iran’s Shiite Revolutionary Guards cars are parked in Baghdad. Far from Wahhabism, Sufism is the most dangerous, not only that because it teaches tremendous violence since it was the Sufis who are the muscle and sinew of the faith advancing it to become the world’s second-largest religion. Sufis are not simply a sect of Islam, but rather heirs of an ancient mystical tradition within both the Sunni and Shia branches of the faith combining their inward quest with war and expansion worldwide. Sufism is also the ecumenical force in which it is the best uniting factor between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. In contemporary Muslim culture Sufism introduced the old practice of shamanism as it was combined with elements of Sufism in order to adapt to wider Islamic society. Shamanistic Sufi Islam thus expands deeply into Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa (Maata Moulana Mauritania) and the Balkans.
Following are surveillance photos of training camp in Maata Moulana Mauritania, West Africa where they teach the "true Islam". Matamoulana also known as Maata Moulana Mauritania, in south-east of Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania, West Africa, lies Maata Moulana, a small village of the Saharan-Sahelian desert. The village extends north to south, on approximately two kilometers, between two outlying sand dunes. Streets, clearly cut out, are cleaned regularly; there are trees everywhere, and an apparent electrical supply network indicates, from the onset, a rare preoccupation with urbanization in such untamed regions.
The village of 3,000 inhabitants has 3 primary schools, a college, a center of vocational training (under development) as well as Mahadra, a university of teaching of the Arab and Islamic culture and the Mosquée de Matamoulana, see photo above. The terrorist training camps are in eastern Mauritania just outside Matamoulana, a remote, desert area where the three terror groups can train and plot with little fear of interdiction. (Google Earth Image). Third only to Nouakchott and Nouadhibou, Maata Moulana is the place, in Mauritania, that hosts the greatest number of Spanish and other nationals. It is known, hitherto, as a high place of Qur’anic studies and of the Tariqa Tijaniyya, spearheaded by the Sheikh El Haj Mishry, a prominent Muqaddim of the late Sheikh Ibrahima Niass of kaolak, Senegal.

Located just to the west of the small village of Maata Moulana Mauritania lies a walled compound that consists of 3 very large buildings and several smaller buildings, one of the large buildings has what appears to be a very large sattelite dish on the roof. People from all parts of Africa, including Senegal, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and the Central African Republic stay in the village to experience a pristine Islam and engage in an in-depth study of Islamic Sciences along with Sufism, the Islamic mysticism.

At least 80 trainees, recruits from the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe, including France, are known to be training at the camps, according to a TRAC source who visited the camp and obtained documentation. Most of Mauritania’s population of roughly 3 million is concentrated on the coast, around the capital of Nouakchott, while the rest of the country, which is the size of Texas and New Mexico, is arid desert and sparsely inhabited. The camps are far from the population centers. “This is not a travel destination,” Khan said. “The only reason to be there from a Western country is to train for terrorism.”
The isolated village of Maata Moulana Mauritania in the desert has no apparent source of income, no crops, no industry, no paved roads linking them to the outside world and yet they have electricity, paved roads in the village, internet access, a large Grand Mosque and are able to sustain life for the 3,000 villagers without any links to the "outside world", what the hell? 
On Thursday, April 2, 2015 10:54 PM, Joseph Hill < ; wrote: "I've already corresponded with Veryan Khan and tried to understand why she has come to the conclusion that the only reason for a Westerner to be there is to study terrorism. The round thing on the roof that you thought looked like a satellite dish is on a nearby computer lab on that edge of the Maata Moulana village where students can consult the internet, its computer equipment provided by the US Embassy. It could be that some radical jerk (Abu Taubah) has sent students to the village to study, I don't know, but if so that doesn't make it a terrorist training camp any more than the fact that many jihadis studied engineering at Western universities makes those universities training camps, the elders of Maata Moulana are clearly are not aware of any extremism there now. In any case, every allegation I've seen so far has been obviously false."
Marcus Dwayne Robertson, also known as Cleric Abu Taubah, used his Florida-based organization, Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary, to send terror recruits to Mauritania before he was imprisoned in Florida on a weapons charge. Robertson’s Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary (FIKS) website provided a link to the website of a school in Nouakchott, Mauritania called The Darul Arqam Institute. As of December 2011, the link from the FIKS website to the Darul Arqam Institute website was no longer active.

We have had two hearings in the past few days. They were both listed as pre-sentencing hearings. Our objective was to get the government to show us what evidence they have that
shows that I promoted terrorism. So far, all of this so called evidence has only been presented in secret proceedings in which I am not allowed to be present or know what is said. The judge has not yet decided if he is going to order the government to present us with this secret evidence or not. What is confirmed is that the sentencing itself will be on April 30, 2015.

There also are links between Mauritania and Boko Haram evident in its interaction with Al Qaeda for training and the supply lines for finance and weapons. In addition, there are recruitment centers and organized crime networks in Mauritania facilitating ISIS expansion in North and Central Africa, Khan said.


Signs in English can be seen in videos and photos obtained by TRAC inside one of the main camps at the Matamoulana Grand Mosque, providing unmistakable evidence of westerners’ presence. “The fear of returning foreign fighters from Syria and Iraq is high, but Mauritania-trained fighters are not even on anyone’s radar.”

The terror camps include homes, schools and Mosques, as seen Above. The camp's leadership was emboldened by the recent release of five notorious terrorists, including the No. 3 man in Usama Bin Laden's network, all of whom were imprisoned in the Nouakchott Central Prison in the Mauritanian capital, but released following a Jan. 24 prison riot in which two guards were taken hostage and threatened along with their family members with being executed.

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