Saturday, May 23, 2015

9/11 COVER UP: FBI Requests Access Denied to Depose FBI Agent Who Wrote 'SarasotaTrdPty 5 & 6' Report on Sarasota Saudi Al-Hijji Family

SARASOTA COUNTY - In a fresh report to Congress, the FBI now discredits its own field agent in charge of Southwest Florida for seemingly implicating a Saudi family that owned and occupied a home in Prestancia during the months leading up to the 9/11 attacks. "Click here to read the FBI's new report to Congress on its 9/11 review." That agent’s report surfaced as the Herald-Tribune and other news organizations covered the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks on New York and on the Pentagon. The federal agency now says that the FBI’s own secret report of April 16, 2002 — a key document in the news reports — “was poorly written and wholly unsubstantiated.” “When questioned later by others in the FBI, the special agent who wrote the EC (Electronic Communication) was unable to provide any basis for the contents of the document or explain why he wrote it as he did,” according to the report, titled “The FBI: Protecting the Homeland in the 21st Century.”

Sarasota Fl Terrorist Wissam Hammoud, Abdulaziz Al-Hijji and Al-Qaeda affiliated Imam Muneer Arafat all link to the Islamic Society of Sarasota Bradenton Mosque in 2000 and 2001 when the 9/11 Hijackers where in the area, small world, eh? FDLE INVESTIGATION SARASOTA FL: On 8 DECEMBER 2003, Special Agent Scott McAllister (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) along with Special Agent Thomas Baugher (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and Detective James LaPlante (Sarasota City Police Department) interviewed a confidential informant, under control of the Detroit office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The source provided information regarding Wissam HAMMOUD (Threatnet case # 03-38). HAMMOUD has pointed out the SouthTrust building in Sarasota Fl (housing the offices of the FBI) and stated that he wanted to drive a gasoline truck into the building for “the pain and suffering they have caused (him).” The source also spoke to Muneer ARAFAT as the Imam of the local Sarasota mosque, ISSB, and that Muneer ARAFAT was a member of the Islamic Brotherhood, who follows a radical belief and teachings of ALBAZ, and Muneer ARAFAT wishes harm to the United States. According to the source, ARAFAT is reported to be in the Middle East raising money for the local Sarasota mosque, ISSB, (SA Baugher verified this information regarding ARAFAT being out of the country at this time). Khalid Sulieman moved out of Muneer ARAFAT's house in September 2003 and is slowly paying back the money he owes Muneer ARAFAT. Sulieman was the main cook at Sahara restaurant Sarasota and works as a detailer at Gulf Coast Auto on Clark Rd Sarasota Fl. See report

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much", could it be that the FBI is arguing so passionately and convincingly about the Sarasota Saudi Al-Hijji Family "poorly written and wholly unsubstantiated report" that it almost seems as if they're lying, or maybe that they're so insistent on a matter that it can't possibly be true. I was working as a CI for ICE and the combined Sarasota Police Department and the Sarasota Sheriff Department in early 2002 on a support of terrorism case in Sarasota, so I know a thing  or two about the investigation of the 9/11 hijackers and their links to the Sarasota community. The FBI has coded the investigation of the Sarasota Saudi Al-Hijji Family and their links to the 9/11 Hijackers as "SarasotaTrdPty 5 & 6". The FBI recently filed a Motion in Federal Court requesting that Plaintiffs’ BROWARD BULLDOG, INC., and DAN CHRISTENSEN request for status conference should be denied and that Plaintiffs’ discovery requests should be denied and Plaintiffs’ request to depose the FBI agent or agents who authored "SarasotaTrdPty 5 & 6" should also be denied.

 DATED: May 11, 2015.
FBI RESPONSE: The Court’s in camera review of the FBI Tampa subfile is underway. If the Court needs assistance from the parties, it can certainly ask for it. Plaintiffs’ BROWARD BULLDOG, INC., and DAN CHRISTENSEN request to depose the FBI agent or agents who authored SarasotaTrdPty-5 & 6. While the FOIA grants access to government documents which are not exempt from disclosure, it does not grant access to the author of a particular document, which is what plaintiffs seek. Plaintiffs also seek discovery related to the 9/11 Review Commission D.E. 73 at 13-19. In addition to deposing the author of SarasotaTrdPty-5 & 6 or also known as SARASOTA-5 & 6, plaintiffs request production of the Memorandum for Record, dated April 30, 2014, referenced in the 9/11 Review Commission Report; production of other 9/11 Review Commission Records regarding the Sarasota family; and identification and deposition of those in the FBI who told the Review Commission that SARASOTA-5 & 6 was “poorly written”and wholly unsubstantiated, and who were told by the special agent who wrote the document that he was unable to provide any basis for the contents of the document or explain why he wrote it as he did. D.E. 73 at 19-20. Plaintiffs’ discovery requests should be denied. This FOIA action cannot be used as a free-standing platform for plaintiffs to probe the mental processes of the authors of various government documents, or to invade the deliberative processes of the officials who conducted the 9/11 Review Commission’s inquiry, and prepared the Commission’s findings and conclusions. If plaintiffs dispute the assertions made by defendants, they are free to oppose the summary judgment motion, as in any case. Plaintiffs’ Request for Status Conference should be denied.

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