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Mass Murderer James 'The Joker' Holmes Fits Profile of Black Bloc Anarchist See My Video As He Describes Obsession to Kill Cops in Notebook.

On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside of a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises which had Occupy Wall Street overtones. A gunman, dressed in black tactical clothing, set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms, killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. He was dressed in black and wore a gas mask, a load-bearing vest, a ballistic helmet, bullet-resistant leggings, a bullet-resistant throat protector, a groin protector, and tactical gloves. James Holmes admitted to the killings. When apprehended, James Holmes told the police that he had booby-trapped his apartment with explosive devices before heading to the movie theater. The apartment held more than 30 homemade grenades, wired to a control box in the kitchen, and 10 gallons of gasoline all meant to kill cops as they responded to his apartment. A law enforcement official said that a Batman mask was found inside the apartment.

LA TIMES...May 27th, 2015 James E. Holmes dedicated the brown spiral notebook, filled with plans for mayhem and the philosophical rantings of a seemingly unhinged mind, to his family: “To Goober Chrissy Bobbo Love yuhs.” The 27-year-old is on trial for his life after committing one of the worst mass shootings in American history, and the slim volume released to the public Wednesday is the central piece of evidence in the widely watched trial. Its graph-paper pages hold chilling instructions on how to kill innocent people, incomprehensible musings about life, death and all manner of topics in between, and pages scrawled with a single word, over and over, larger and larger, in the shooter's loopy, cursive script: “Why?”  Holmes' deliberations about how best to kill the most people. Biological weapons require too much knowledge, Holmes wrote; serial killing, too much contact with victims; and bombs are too well-regulated. The upshot? “Mass murder/spree,” Fyles read. “Check mark.” Then Holmes' deliberations on choosing his target: “‘Venue,'” Fyles read, “‘airport or movie theater.' Then it says ‘airport' with an X. ‘Substantial security. Too much of a terrorist history. Terrorism isn't the message. The package containing the notebook was addressed to Dr. Lynne Fenton, the shooter’s University of Colorado psychiatrist. It also included $400 worth of burned $20 bills (Anti Government overtones). Near the end of the James 'The Joker' Holmes notebook, this note referenced the movie, “Embraced the hatred. The Dark Knight Rises.

Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner told Laura Ingraham that mass murderer James 'The Joker' Holmes fits the profile “to a t” of a member of the Black Bloc — a little known group of violent, black-clad and gas mask-wearing anarchists who piggy-back on the non-violent Occupy movement during anti-Wall Street protests. “I guess Laura saw my work on this matter and called me to be on the air,” said Bill Warner, who works on insurance fraud and cheating spouses by day. “There’s no public information available on James Holmes anywhere. No car, no credit card, no nothing. 

I checked. Black Bloc members use cash and don’t buy cars so that they can go underground. “(Holmes’) age, the black clothes and gas mask he was wearing, the facts he is white and underground, the facts he is a drifter prone to over-the-top violence, it all fits. Batman features an Occupy-type bad guy and this nut job may have taken it personally.” One federal investigator told CBS that Holmes indeed remained “under the radar.” He dropped out of medical school recently.

TAMPA (FOX 13) VIDEO CLICK HERE– They’re not Al-Qaeda, but they are a type of home-grown terror group. The FBI describes the Black Bloc as individuals intent on using violence to their express their extreme ideological views. The Black Bloc tactics include street fighting, vandalism and rioting. Private investigator Bill Warner, who researches organized violence, says Black Bloc members are self-proclaimed anarchists.  He says they use the Occupy Movement as a front, but have their own violent agenda. They dress in black from head to toe, carry a black flag, and create chaos when ever they can.

ABC NEWS.....The man on trial for allegedly killing 12 people at the screening of the latest Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado told authorities after the shooting that he "was The Joker," NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly said. Kelly told reporters the suspect, identified by federal officials as 24-year-old James Holmes, had dyed his hair like The Joker. The Joker is a well-known villain in the fictional Batman universe. The attack took place at a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises," the final movie in a Batman trilogy, following "The Dark Knight" in which The Joker was the principal villain. Two federal law enforcement officials confirmed the details of The Joker reference to ABC News. Aurora police chief Dan Oates declined to comment on Kelly's remarks but said he had spoken with the NYPD, where he had previously served. Police said the weapons used in the massacre include a military-style AR-15 assault rifle with a high-capacity drum-style clip, a shotgun and two handguns. The guns and bomb making material were purchased legally over several months at a cost of $15,000 according to law enforcement officials, where did the cash come from.

Witnesses to the shooting said that a man appeared at the front of the theater, SEE JAMES HOLMES DIAGRAM ABOVE, about 20 minutes into the movie with a rifle, handgun and gas mask. He then threw a canister that released some kind of gas, after which a hissing sound ensued, and he then opened fire on the crowd packed into the early-morning screening of the film. Witesses said that during the shooting the man appeared to be dressed in all black and police later said he was wearing several pieces bullet-proof armor and a gas mask. "We were maybe 20 or 30 minutes into the movie and all you hear, first you smell smoke, everybody thought it was fireworks or something like that, and then you just see people dropping and the gunshots are constant," witness Christ Jones told ABC's Denver affiliate KMGH. "I heard at least 20 to 30 rounds within that minute or two." James Holmes does not have a criminal record except for a traffic violation, which would allow him to pass any background check for weapons, law enforcement sources said. A local pawn shop owner said that Holmes never bought any firearms there but believed he had been in the shop before talking about guns. Police also said they believe Holmes' apartment, just five miles from the theater, was rigged with explosive booby-traps. Authorities told ABC News the place appeared to wired to explode if police had raced through the doors -- a plan to add even more to the night's body count."It's another tragic event from an obviously deranged individual," Aurora City Councilman Bob LeGare told ABC News. "I don't know what more can be said." 
ABC NEWS UPDATE: Anarchist James Holmes to face additional Federal Terrorism Charges with Weapons of Mass Destruction for the booby-trapped, bomb rigged apartment that was intended to “Kill Cops” and anybody within 1/4 mile of the apartment.  Same Black Bloc tactics as seen in Chicago fire bombing attempt and Cleveland bridge bomb plot, Black Bloc wants to Kill Cops.

Anarchist James Holmes spent more time, (3 weeks) plotting and planning his elaborate booby-trapped, bomb laden apartment than on the initial attack at the Aurora Co movie theater.  It appears to me that anarchist James Holmes overall plan was to shoot up the movie theater with a heavy body count and then kill as many cops as possible as they entered his bomb rigged apartment.  Anarchist James Holmes appears to know something of police procedures as he realized that cops would be swarming all over his apartment after he shot up the movie theater. 

James Holmes apartment was rigged with jars of liquids, explosives and chemicals that were booby trapped to kill “whoever entered it,” Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said, noting it would have likely been one of his officers (Kill Cops). Inside the apartment, FBI Special agent James Yacone said bomb technicians neutralized what he called a “hypergolic mixture” and an improvised explosive device containing an unknown substance. There also were multiple containers of acelerants.

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