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Why is Darrell Sells in Dyersburg TN Calling Sarasota PI Bill Warner and Threatening Him About Articles on Murdered Karen Swift?

UPDATED Sunday May 3rd, 2015… Darrell Sells has history of threatening to kill people (Frank Burnett fears death threat by Darrell Sells) Mr. Darrell Sells appears to have a violent temper!

 Body Found on Harness Road in Dyer County TN Could Be Karen Johnson Swift, Is There A Serial Killer On The Loose.
Why is Darrell Sells in Dyersburg TN Calling Sarasota PI Bill Warner and Threatening Him About Articles on Murdered Karen Swift? Darrell Sells in Dyersburg TN injected himself into the investigation of murdered Karen Swift long before I started my investigation.

Do Karen Swift and Holly Bobo Cases Link to Rapist Terry Britt, Cops Search For Clues in Bobo Case Near Dottie's Convenience Store and Old Cemeteries, See Map. Memphis TN
Written By: Micki Owens
Date: December 14, 2011
Darrell Sells told Memphis TN curiosity caused him to drive to the bluff where the mother of four, Karen Swift, was found dead. "I think everybody is shocked it's really touched the community real bad that this happened here," he said. "We're all sad for the family and her friends that knew her." Darrell Sells says he didn't know Karen Swift, but his daughter was at a Halloween Party with her the night she disappeared. "I don't think she recognized who she was at the time she was at the party where she was last seen," he said. Karen Swift was hidden in weeds near the cemetery. 

KAREN SWIFT CAUSE OF DEATH- INJURIES TO HER BODY: Last Update 09/02/2012-Official Press Release -Dyer County Sheriff’s Office Swift Murder Investigation. As per Sheriff Box, Dyer County TN investigators observed injuries the body of Karen Swift sustained that appeared to have caused her death. An autopsy was performed on Karen Swift’s body by the Shelby County Medical Examiner’s Office in Memphis, the results of the autopsy was sealed under a court order for certain reasons and that the case is still under investigation. Early in the investigation we recovered Karen Swift’s cell phones after they were processed by lab personnel for latents and dna, we then requested the assistance of United States Secret Service in retrieving and processing information from her cell phones used to pinpoint the times and her movements at the time of  her disappearance. “This processing with the Secret Service may provide highly detailed data, which may include the time of every movement that was made before, during and after her murder.” So, if the cause of death for Karen Swift was injuries to her body where is the blood spatter in the house or her car, none was found by TBI forensic agents. Multiple injuries to the body of Karen Swift would cause blood spatter. If blood spatter belonging to Karen Swift was found in the house the husband would be on trial right now.

On Friday May 1st 2015 I received a threatening call from 731-285-0998 in Dyersburg TN. The caller was Darrell Sells calling from his McDonald's Store in Dyersburg TN, something about murdered Karen Swift, WTH? The caller was obviously an older man from his voice, late 60's early 70's, and his limited backwoods vocabulary indicates about a 3rd grade education, it appears to to be the Darrell Sells who is about 70 years old. Mr Darrell Sells went off the chain the minute I identified myself at 3:08 pm Friday May 1st 2015, calling me a blank, blank, blank, blank, and that he was going to get me and cause physical harm over my articles about Karen Swift, what a jerk. I have never mentioned the name Darrell Sells in my investigation of murdered Karen Swift in Dyersburg TN, so why is he calling and threatening me? As a licensed private investigator in Florida I am also able to investigate cases in Tennessee, and I will until the persons or persons who murdered Karen Swift are arrested.


I called the number on my caller ID, 731-285-0998 Dyersburg TN, and a young woman answered "McDonald's" I asked if an older man was there as he had just called me, she said that would be Mr. Sells and she went and got him, he picked up the phone and another violent outburst came out of his filthy red-neck mouth, I hung up. I have never met or had any interaction with this backwoods hillbilly Darrell Sells in Dyersburg TN, I do not know the man, nor do I want to. I can take care of myself Mr Sells but if you keep it up and continue to threaten me, I will have the law on you.

D & B Sells Enterprises LLC

Address: 575 Mall Blvd # M, Dyersburg, TN 38024

UPDATED Sunday May 3rd, 2015… Darrell Sells has history of threatening to kill people he appears to have a violent temper! Frank Burnett fears death threat by Darrell Sells over loan accounting: Attorney. Dyersburg businessman Frank Burnett is willing to testify in a lawsuit brought against him by Darrell Sells, but needs to be assured Darrell Sells won't harm him, his lawyer said Friday. Darrell Sells is the owner of McDonald's franchises in Dyersburg and elsewhere in West Tennessee and Missouri, (he is in his 70's), his son is Darren Sells. "When all the dust settles in this case money will be paid by Darrell Sells to Frank Burnett." The bulk of Friday's three-hour hearing was devoted to a motion by White that Sells be mentally evaluated and a guardian be appointed to look after him. "Mr. Burnett is not able to participate in his defense," White said. "That is caused by Mr. Sells' death threats to Mr. Burnett White said the impact of Sells' threat on Burnett is real. "The potential for an injurious impact on Frank Burnett and others is real," he said. "I think it is incumbent on the court to determine Mr. Sells' mental condition." "Whether Mr. Darell Sells is insane or not is not the basis for Mr. Burnett's disorder," Young argued. ." see


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