Monday, August 24, 2015

Sarasota Sex Offender 'Granny' Anne Overholt Gets 20 Years Felony Probation For Sexual Battery Charge That Occurred in 1988.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office is advising the public that Anne Louise Overholt, DOB 12/30/48, has registered as a Sexual Offender living in Sarasota County. Overholt was convicted of Attempted Sexual Battery on a Victim under 12 and sentenced to 20 years of supervised probation. She was arrested in 2014 for a crime that occurred in 1988, and even though her crime precedes the statute requiring residency restrictions, they are part of her plea agreement, so she cannot live within 1,000 feet of a school, childcare facility, park or playground. Overholt reports that she will live at 4239 Linwood Street in Sarasota. This information is posted on the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office web site, agency Facebook page and Twitter account to publicly notify citizens of sex offenders and predators who register a Sarasota County address for the first time, when moving into the county or following release from prison.

8/18/2015 ORDER DESIGNATING ANNE OVERHOLT A SEXUAL PREDATOR:  According to the Sarasota County Clerk's Office website, Anne Louise Overholt, DOB 12/30/48, an ORDER was presented to Judge Debra Johnes Riva to designate Anne Louise Overholt as a Sexual Predator. The Sarasota criminal defense attorney for Anne Louise Overholt is L. Derek Byrd. A jury trial had been set for November 16th, 2015 but it looks like Attorney Byrd cut a deal with the State of Florida prosecutor to avoid the trial and possible prison time.
Type Party Name Attorney
DEFENDANT  Active BYRD, L DEREK (Main Attorney)  
Active GAMBERT, AMANDA (Main Attorney)  

Current Community Supervision History Anne Louise Overholt:
Offense DateOffenseSentence DateCountyCase No.Community Supervision Length
05/08/1985SEX BAT BY ADULT/VCTM LT 12(ATTEMPTED)08/18/2015SARASOTA142310520Y 0M 0D

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