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Court Records Indicate Orlando Imam Abu taubah aka Marcus Dwayne Robertson was a Recruiter for Al-Qaeda Who Ran Terror Camps In Mauritania with Contacts in Saudi Arabia

Marcus Dwayne Robertson aka Imam Abu Taubah ran terror training camps in Mauritania. Court Records Indicate Orlando Imam Abu taubah aka Marcus Dwayne Robertson was a Recruiter for Al-Qaeda with Contacts in Saudi Arabia. The Al-Qaeda terror training camps in Mauritania are run and financed by contacts in Saudi Arabia.

6:11-cr-00277-GAP-GJK All Defendants
USA v. Robertson
Date filed: 09/14/2011
Date of last filing: 04/24/2015
Filed & Entered: 04/24/2015
Docket Text Sentencing Memorandum
One of the issues to be decided at the defendant’s (Marcus Dwayne Robertson) sentencing is whether the planned "overseas mission" qualifies for application of the terrorism enhancement set forth in U.S.S.G. § 3A1.4. When Jimenez was sentenced, the Court found that the enhancement did apply and that Jimenez intended on committing violent jihad overseas:
The Defendant (Marcus Dwayne Robertson) Was Involved In Promoting Violent Jihad:
No one needs to be ready to die to go to Mauritania to study. For seven months, the defendant had Jimenez live with him. The defendant did not do that as an act of charity. Rather, the defendant viewed Jimenez as an investment who could be used to advance an extremist agenda overseas through violence. As part of his investment in Jimenez, the defendant trained him spiritually, to get Jimenez mentally prepared for what he was about to do. The defendant also trained him in killing, suicide bombing, and identifying and murdering United States military personnel, most specifically Marines and Officers..

UPDATE April 30th, 2015 at 5:05 pm Sentence Delayed.
CASE NO: 6:11-cr-277-Orl-31GJK
DATE/TIME: April 30, 2015 at 9:15 a.m.
9:17 a.m. Court in session. Appearances. Procedural setting by the Court.
The Court inquires with counsel regarding how to proceed with the sealed and classified aspects of this case.
9:36 a.m. Recess.
9:42 a.m. Reconvene. The courtroom having been properly cleared and secured, the hearing proceeds as SEALED.
10:53 a.m. Recess.
11:01 a.m. Reconvene. Sealed proceedings continue.
12:22 p.m. Sealed proceedings conclude. Recess.
1:31 p.m. Reconvene.
2:01 p.m. Government Witness Robert Manson placed under oath and testifies.
2:20 p.m. Cross-examination.
2:32 p.m Redirect.
2:33 p.m. Government Witness Bill Braniff placed under oath and testifies.
3:10 p.m. Reconvene.
3:26 p.m. Cross-examination.
3:32 p.m. Redirect.
3:34 p.m. Recross.
Case 6:11-cr-00277-GAP-GJK Document 93 Filed 04/30/15
3:37 p.m. Government recalls Robert Manson.
3:41 p.m. Cross-examination.
3:44 p.m. Defense Witness Mustafa Al-Hanafi placed under oath and testifies.
4:01 p.m. Cross-examination.
4:20 p.m. Redirect.
4:22 p.m. Defense Witness Daawood (Wesley) Blake placed under oath and testifies.
4:27 p.m. Cross-examination.
4:40 p.m. Defense Witness Rasheed Gittens placed under oath and testifies.
4:42 p.m . Cross-examination.
4:48 p.m. Sentencing continued until further notice. Court adjourned.

The Defendant’s Extremist Views..
The defendant (Marcus Dwayne Robertson) continues to be an extremist who is seeking to promote acts of violent jihad. According to Jimenez, the defendant (Marcus Dwayne Robertson) is a recruiter for al-Qaeda who sends people overseas to fight. The defendant was responsible for putting it in Jimenez's head that Jimenez should want to go overseas and fight and die. The defendant taught Jimenez how to shoot guns, how to kill someone, employ one strike moves, the Quran, and Aeverything he knows. Jimenez was supposed to travel to West Africa where Jimenez would meet with the defendants contacts. Proof of the extremist views that the defendant used to train Jimenez was found on the defendant’s computer, which was seized during execution of federal search warrants.

ROBERTSON wanted Jimenez to learn about Islam first and then ROBERTSON would teach Jimenez how to kill.
At that time, ROBERTSON believed that Jimenez was still a tadpole who would continue to study under ROBERTSON until ROBERTSON decided that Jimenez was ready to travel overseas. Jimenez explained how ROBERTSON was providing him paramilitary-style training to include tactical entry and room clearing as well as troop leading procedures. Jimenez stated that ROBERTSON was training Jimenez on kill moves, such as the guillotine choke hold.
Jimenez expressed a desire to learn how to be dangerous with the knife and how to cut somebody up. According to Jimenez, ROBERTSON was teaching Jimenez the basics of knife fighting. ROBERTSON told Jimenez that he was gonna learn weapons, but that ROBERTSON wanted him to become deadly with his hands prior to learning how to fight with weapons.

On February 18, 2011, CS-1 reported that Jimenez stated that ROBERTSON was teaching Jimenez the United States military rank structure. Jimenez claimed that ROBERTSON instructed him to kill the officers first as they are the ones who direct the enlisted personnel and send them into battle.ROBERTSON instructed Jimenez that it was mandatory to kill the Marines as they are the fighters and warriors on the battlefield.

On February 26, 2011, in a recorded conversation, Jimenez stated that ROBERTSON said that Jimenez would be sent overseas to his people with guns.
He said, when I send you with my people, I am sending you with, with guns. You know what Im saying, Uzis. He said, then when you pass them, they gonna send you on another path, the other, you know what Im saying, up the ladder, you know? To see if Im ready to, you know?
Also on February 26, 2011, Jimenez stated that ROBERTSON wanted him to fight to kill and that ROBERTSON taught Jimenez that it is wajib (obligatory) to kill military officers, specifically generals, because they can lead an army.
ROBERTSON instructed Jimenez that it is mandatory to kill members of the military:  So, he said, some of them said it is wajib, it's obligatory, if you have, if you see them, and you can kill them and get away with it, and it's not oppressing the Muslims, he said, you should do it. It's obligatory on you to kill one of them cats. Now, if you know if you kill them and if they [UI], its haram [sinful]. When you know this dude is a general and he's still an active, active within the military and teaching stuff, he said, yo, he said, yo, you take him out. ROBERTSON warned Jimenez not to tell others that it was permissible to kill officers.

On April 11, 2011, in a recorded conversation, CONSPIRATOR #2 expressed concern that others were aware of Jimenez's overseas travel. CONSPIRATOR #2 gave Jimenez the same advice that he had given his son in Mauritania: tell nobody where you're going.

On April 12, 2011, in a recorded conversation, Jimenez told CS-1 of his plan to use a cover story that he is traveling to Spain, so that while people are searching for him there, he will be in Mauritania. Jimenez stated that he used that cover story with his mother and that she would not be happy if she knew the true intent of his travel overseas.

On May 22, 2011, ROBERTSON (derived from court authorized surveillance) spoke with one of his mentors located in Saudi Arabia. ROBERTSON noted that they had been in Mauritania together. ROBERTSON explained that Jimenez was about to go to Mauritania in a few weeks and was waiting to get his shots. ROBERTSON stated that Jimenez had been with ROBERTSON for about 6 months, but that ROBERTSON had known Jimenez for about 11 years. ROBERTSON stated that Jimenez had been with CONSPIRATOR #2 and another individual in New York.

On June 7, 2011, CONSPIRATOR #2 (derived from court authorized surveillance) told ROBERTSON that he would try to get the price and date for when Jimenez could leave. ROBERTSON and CONSPIRATOR #2 talked about an individual from Somalia who was believed by the Government to be "promoting Jihad." ROBERTSON explained that he was attempting to get the person over to Mauritania. ROBERTSON told CONSPIRATOR #2, on the "down low," information about military operations of the United States in Somalia. ROBERTSON claimed that "a lot of people don’t know that."

Jimenez is ready to Die:
On June 10, 2011, ROBERTSON (derived from court authorized surveillance) spoke again with his mentor in Saudi Arabia and told him that he could afford to send a brother to make umrah, to travel to Mauritania, or both. ROBERTSON's mentor replied, I’m saying, I’m saying damn that's hard, you know? `Cause if he's ready to die, he should make umrah. ROBERTSON replied with the Arabic word for yes. ROBERTSON's mentor reiterated that if Jimenez was ready to die, he should make umrah. In that same conversation, ROBERTSON explained that, to fund Jimenez's travel to Mauritania, ROBERTSON made Jimenez file a tax return in which Jimenez falsely claimed three of ROBERTSON's children as exemptions so that Jimenez could "use that money to go overseas." ROBERTSON stated that he told Jimenez, "If you don't, I'm not letting you go nowhere with that money."

On August 4, 2011, ROBERTSON (derived from court authorized surveillance) spoke with an individual located in Mauritania, who asked when Jimenez was coming to Mauritania. ROBERTSON responded that he did not want to send Jimenez over to Mauritania without testing him first, you know, because I don't want to send you no problem out there, you know what I'm saying.
Following are items found on the computer of Marcus Dwayne Robertson:

Exhibit A: Summary of Extremist Documents Found on Defendant's (Marcus Dwayne Robertson) Computer.

It is not permissible for a Muslim in the United States to go to the police or the FBI to inform them about a plot.

Not permissible to inform the kuffaar, at 1

"And I asked him it is permissible to inform the kuffar if he knows that the takfeeriyyeen are plotting something and the answer to each question was a definitive, prompt "LAA YAJOOZ," "LAA YAJOOZ," AND "MA BIYAJOOZ" ( ma biyajooz lughah ‘ammiyyah/colloquial dialect) for those who don’t know ‘not permissible.’"

To defeat the kuffar, every Muslim is obligated to participate in jihad.

Signs of ar-Rahman in the Jihad of Afghan, at 59-60.

"This Jihaad first becomes Fardh on the armed forces of the state. If the armed forces are unable to halt the advance of the enemy, or due to indifference, do not take up this duty, it then becomes Fardh on all the healthy male citizens of the state to take up the Jihaad. If they too are unable to prevent the enemies assault, then Jihaad becomes Fardh-e-Ain upon all the Muslims of the state. This includes women and children (ie. those who have not yet attained puberty, but are able to fight)."

Jihad requires bloodshed.

This is our `Aqidah, at 14

"How can there be Jihad without bloodshed? How can blood be spared without blood being shed? How can Jihad be accomplished without sacrifice and blood?"

It is better to be on the battlefield than any other place.

The Book of Jihad, at 66

"[B]eing stationed in the path of Allah for a day in the land of war is better than spending a thousand days in any other place[.]"

Jihad requires an individual to fight against the kuffar.

The Book of Jihad, at 10

"In fact Jihad against Kufar is among the greatest of deeds. Indeed it is the greatest voluntary deed a human could do."

Suicide bombing is permissible in certain situations.
This is our `Aqidah, at 13-14, Abu Taubah.
"I have scrutinized this problem in a fatwa, wherein I directed the youth who are in charge of such operations to study the matter legally and seriously. It alerted those youth to certain issues, the most important of which are the following:
1. Effort should be made in utilizing the latest technological methods, like remote control combing devices or timed-devices, which minimizes the number of victims in the ranks of the Mujahideen, for this is obligatory upon them if it is attainable, is because the Mujahid brother is a precious jewel in this time and must not be wasted for targets that can be claimed without losses of this type.

Martyrs receive many benefits when they die in the cause of violent jihad.

The Slicing Sword: Against the One Who Forms Allegiances With the Disbelievers and Takes Them As Supporters Instead of Allah. His Messenger and the Believers, at 12

The purpose of the book is to encourage Muslims to "fight the enemies of Allah," with the promise that "paradise is beneath the shade of swords."

Individuals are instructed to assist others in committing violent jihad, including scholars.

Advice for the Seeker of Knowledge, at 9

"And I sincerely advice you – if you are one of those who are in (a position of responsibility over the Shabab [youth] – (Know that) you must incite the Believers to fight, either here (in the Arabian Peninsula), or there (‘Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Indonesia, America, etc.), or openly declare the Millah (Faith) and clarify the reasons. . ."

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Cops Investigating Links Between Hannah Wilson Murder And Missing Lauren Spierer, Ex-Con Daniel Messel Possible Serial Killer

It is a 9 min walk from where Indiana University student Lauren Spierer was last seen to where Indiana University student Hanna Wilson was last seen, see map above. Bloomington Police say the arrest of a man for the murder of an Indiana University student Hannah Wilson has prompted media inquiries and speculation from the general public about his possible involvement in the Lauren Spierer case being investigated by the Bloomington Police Department. Capt. Joe Qualters said in an email that "investigation has already begun."

 Thursday April 23rd, 2015, Indiana University student Hannah Wilson, 22 years old, went missing around midnight, she had been on her way to Kilroy’s Bar in Bloomington the same place Lauren Spierer was at before she went missing June 3rd 2011, Hannah instead went home to her apartment in the 500 block of East 8th Street Bloomington IN.

0612-LAUREN Friday June 3rd 2011 at 4:30am, Indiana University student Lauren Spierer went missing from around the 500 block of N. College Ave just down from East 10th Street Bloomington IN. Lauren Spierer lived in the 400 block of N. College Ave she had been at Kilroy’s Bar in Bloomington earlier. Lauren Spierer has long blond hair, she is 4′11″ tall and 95 lbs, 21 years old.

Daniel Messel is facing murder charges.  Daniel Messel's arrest has provided BPD detectives with an avenue of investigation into Lauren Spierer's disappearance that will be "diligently pursued." Messel was formally charged Monday in the murder of IU senior Hannah Wilson. "Detectives provided assistance in the death investigation of Hannah Wilson, but an effort will be made to confer in more detail with Indiana State Police detectives to determine what, if any, similarities might exist in the two cases that may have not been released to the public," Qualters said in the press release.

Daniel Messel has a long criminal record, including a conviction in 1996 on battery with a deadly weapon and battery causing serious bodily injury charges, Indiana court records show. He was sentenced to eight years in prison on one charge and six years suspended on the other, but only served 3 years time. Released in 1999, he was charged again in 2007 with battery but pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct. He was released after paying $210 in court costs. How many more unsolved murders of young college age females are there?

Daniel Messel is a psychopath. Court records obtained by the Call 6 Investigators show Hannah Wilson's murder suspect, Daniel Messel, 49, has an extensive criminal history of violence dating as far back as at least 1986. Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney spent hours digging through his old case files in Monroe County on Monday, which included hundreds of pages of court records.
In 1996, Messel was sentenced to prison time for battery with a deadly weapon after prosecutors say he beat Debbie and Wayne Thompson of Bloomington, breaking Debbie’s nose and causing Wayne to lose part of his ear.
Mr. Messel then returned again and began striking Debbie Thompson in the head with a 2 x 4 causing a severe laceration to her head which severed an artery on her scalp,” read a probable cause from 1995 from the Thompson case.
He served just over three years in prison, from June 1996 to November 1999, according to the Indiana Department of Correction, and was under court supervision an additional six years. In 2006, Messel was charged with battery, but in 2007, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after prosecutors say he beat his co-worker at Baxter Pharmaceutical, Brady Christian, in the face. As part of a plea agreement, Messel served no jail or prison time for that incident. Messel is currently employed at Fine Print printing 125 S Westplex Ave, Bloomington, IN.

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Univ Florida Drunken Zoo Frat 'Zeta Beta Tau' On Double Secret Probation Now Suspended For Spiting on Wounded PCB Vets, Time For Toga Party?

GAINESVILLE — Already on a one-year probation for hazing, the Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) fraternity at the University of Florida has been suspended following reports its members yelled at and spit on wounded military veterans vacationing in Panama City Beach last weekend. The fraternity has been charged with several offenses as part of the university’s formal investigation into “allegations of disturbing behavior toward veterans,” officials said in a news release issued late Friday afternoon. The university has charged the fraternity with “causing physical or other harm, obscene behavior, public intoxication, theft and property damage.” ZBT is suspended from all activities pending the outcome of a complete investigation.

Thursday, April 23, 2015 Wounded Veterans Had Beer Poured on Them by Zeta Beta Tau Frat Thugs Who Also Urinated on Our American Flag in Panama City Beach Fl "I'm defending myself," said wounded veteran Nicholas Connole. Can Panama City Beach Fl get anymore disgusting and a real place to avoid. The scumbag members of the Zeta Beta Tau Frat from the University of Florida who poured beer on our wounded Vets and urinated on our American flag must make their parents proud in New York City and South Florida. Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) is a mostly Jewish fraternity, which was established at the University of Florida in 1921.

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. -- A group of injured and wounded veterans on a retreat in Florida's panhandle claim they were harassed by members of a University of Florida fraternity, according to WCTV sister station WJHG in Panama City. Attendees and organizers of a retreat for veterans say they were shocked at the level of disrespect shown by the college students.
"They actually spit on me and my service dog as well and that's just so disrespectful and it hurts. I come and I feel honored and I feel safe and that I belong, but now I feel like I'm defending myself," said wounded veteran Nicholas Connole. Veterans say the students spit at them and threw beer on them from their balconies. "They're a total disgrace for our military," Linda Cope, founder of the Warrior Beach Retreat said. "They were urinating on the American flag and throwing things off of the balconies."
The veterans were staying at the Lake Town Wharf Resort at the same time as members of Zeta Beta Tau chapters at the University of Florida and Emory University, who were both in Panama City Beach for their spring formal. Cope says she did receive an apology letter from the University of Florida President who says he has started an investigation into the incident. She also received an apology letter from the Zeta Beta Tau's UF chapter president, who was present during the incidents. Cope says she has not heard anything from Emory University.

Univertiy of Florida’s Zeta Beta Tau President Bluto.
Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) is a mostly Jewish fraternity, which was established at the University of Florida in 1921. ZBT consists of members from various backgrounds that are mostly from South Florida and New York City. The brothers are generally laid back and intelligent, yet they still enjoy the occasional party or club. ZBT is the house, from an outsider’s point of view, that is best to have a relaxing night with in which you engage in watching Entourage and Californiacation, where you can enjoy the light-headed results from puffing the flavored tobacco in a hookah or enjoy other means that create an "elevated state of mind (drugs)".

ZBT is the one of the brotherhoods, where a means of self-discovery in an elevated state of mind are always welcomed and should be experienced within reason. On weekends the house is filled with pre-game festivities of drinking, mostly beer-related games, followed by downtown. ZBT, is described by one member, as much like Fox's "That 70's Show", where a different types of people gather and are united by friendship to enjoy each others companies in "the circle" as they submerge themselves in mind-alternating trances Life isn't taken o serious, only when it counts and matters, see

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Young Look-A-Like Pretty Blonde Females With Long Hair Missing In America No Clues and No Leads

I posted a similar version of this photo array last year that included Holly Bobo, Kelli Bordeaux, Karen Swift and Katelyn Markham, unfortunately the bodies of those women have been found, all violently murdered, with no suspects in the case of Katelyn Markham and Karen Swift.
 UPDATE, Yesterday, Thursday April 23rd, 2015, Indiana University student Hannah Wilson went missing in Bloomington IN, she had been at Kilroy’s Bar in Bloomington the same place Lauren Spierer was at before she went missing June 3rd 2011.
One of the missing blonde females on my previous list was Karen Swift, I have been hired by a friend of the family to investigate her death. Karen Swift was kidnapped and murdered on or about Sunday @ 5:00 am on October 30th, 2011 in Dyersburg TN, her body was found in December 2011, but there are no suspects in her violent murder. CONTACT: Bill Warner private investigator 941-926-1926 or email Bill Warner

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Florida private investigator says he believes more than a dozen missing persons cases from Kentucky and surrounding states may be connected. The faces of the young women on Bill Warner's blog are similar but behind each smile is a different family searching for answers.  "It just escalated over the last two or three years," Warner said. "It continued, the same profile, young female with long blond hair, same petite size, it just kept happening over and over and over again." Bill Warner says his interest began with a case in Tennessee and spread from there. Now he spotlights at least 17 women who have gone missing or were murdered, and he believes there may be a connection to Central Kentucky.  "It's kind of a center point, north, south, east, and west, you draw a big circle and Lexington is in the middle," he said.  One of the earliest cases on his web page is from Lexington.

The body of 18-year-old Misty Gwinner was found on North Cleveland Road in 2005. She was last seen in Florence.  "And there was no person of interest, there was no suspect, there was nothing for these families to get some closure, it just kept happening," Bill Warner said. The latest face on his wall belongs to Brookelyn Farthing, who was 18 years old when she disappeared. She's been missing since June of last year from Madison County. Kentucky State Police are investigating her disappearance. They say they've investigated every scenario they can and don't believe her case is connected to any others. 

Bill Warner says he doesn't want to hinder any local investigations but believes some of the cases, including four of them from Kentucky, may be connected. Alana Gwinner from Fairfield OH was kidnapped and murdered, her body was found near Sugar Bay in Warsaw KY, 65 miles away. "I'm looking at 17 different girls who all look exactly alike, and every individual area, whether it's state police or local police, they all say the same thing, it's not connected to the others," he said.  "Maybe this needs national attention that all these young girls who look like they're all sisters have all just totally vanished without any kind of leads." Bill Warner says he hopes those leads come and that they bring answers to more than a dozen families.


Multiple very attractive petite blond females have gone missing with several murdered and cops have no clues, no suspects, the women just vanished without a trace, where are the FBI profilers. When you look at their photos combined together, next to each other, it is fairly obvious that all of these young women look-a-like, a coincidence, I think not! Who is responsible for multiple, very pretty, look-a-like females with long blonde hair disappearing, they have all been listed as missing, kidnapped or unfortunately murdered, see list below;
Jessica-Heeringa-Vanishes-From-Late-Night-Gas-Station-Michigan 1). Jessica Heeringa..long blond hair and blue eyes, 5′1″ tall and 110 lbs, 25 years old, kidnapped Friday 4/26/2013 Norton Shores MI.
CrystalMorrisonPrentice 2). Crystal Morrison..long blondish hair, 5′2″ tall and 100 lbs, went missing Thur 12:45 pm 8/23/2012 Concord NC.
 3). Kortne Stouffer…..long blond hair, 5′8″ tall and 115 lbs, went missing Sun @ 3:45 am 7/29/2012 Palmyra PA.
 4). Jade Humble last week. The 22-year old Kings High School graduate was last seen in early December 2014 she is 22 years old, 5’7″, 100lbs, green eyes, blonde or strawberry blonde hair.
65f0c-heatherhodgesbest 5).Heather Hodges (Tink)….long blond hair, 5′1′ tall and 99 lbs, 22 years old, went missing Mon @ 10:30 pm 4/9/2012 Rocky Mount VA.
0612-LAUREN 6). Lauren Spierer .…long blond hair, 4′11″ tall and 95 lbs, 21 years old, went missing Friday @ 4:30 am 6/3/2011 Bloomington IN.
-alivia-kail 7). Alivia Kail…long blond hair, 5′1″ tall and 109 lbs, 19 years old, went missing Friday 3/05/2011 Pittsburgh PA area
11716863-paige-johnson 8). Paige Johnson ….long blond hair, 5′1″ tall and 110 lbs, 17 years old, went missing Thurs @ 1:00 am 9/23/2010 Florence KY
drexel-brittaneelg 9). Brittanee Drexel….long blond hair, 5′0″ tall and 103 lbs, 17 years old, went missing Sat @ 9:15 pm 4/25/2009, Myrtle Beach SC.

10). Crystal Hall…missing sine Tuesday 3/03/2009, she is 25 years old, long red hair brown eyes, she is 5’3″ tall and 114 lbs, from Pikeville KY.
11). Jennifer Kesse, 24, slender, 5'8" tall and 125 lbs. with long blond hair (KIDNAPPED) Orlando Fl on the morning of Tuesday 1/24/2006, see
12). UNSOLVED MURDER..Alana “Laney” Gwinner, a 23-year-old accounting student at the University of Cincinnati, She went missing December 10, 1997 from a Fairfield OH bowling alley, her body found in Ohio river near Sugar Bay in Warsaw KY on January 11, 1998, 65 miles away.
  13). UNSOLVED MURDER...Misty Gwinner..she was 18 years old, blond hair, 5′4 ” tall and 120 lbs, from Florence KY, found dead Tues @ 9:45 pm 4/05/2005, (KIDNAPPED-MURDERED). Lexington Police responded to a call about a body lying in the road on Cleveland Road. Misty Gwinner, a native of Florence, KY had no known connections to Lexington KY.

katelyn m 14). UNSOLVED MURDER...Katelyn Markham, long blondish hair, 5′3″ tall and 128 lbs, 22 years old, kidnapped Sat @ 11:00 pm 8/13/2011 Fairfield OH (KIDNAPPED-MURDERED) her body found in Cedar Grove Indiana.

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