Sunday, May 29, 2016

Black Bloc Anarchist Violence Aimed at Donald Trump During Cleveland RNC

I was there in 2012 at the Tampa RNC and the only things that kept the Black Bloc Anarchists under control were the threat of a hurricane and a strong police presence, what will Cleveland do? The city, which expected demonstrations and possible vandalism from Black Bloc Anarchists, used a federal grant to bolster its police force in preparation. Due to the approach of Hurricane Isaac, convention officials changed the convention schedule on August 26, 2012; the convention came to order on August 27, 2012 and then immediately recessed until the following afternoon because of the risk of Isaac hitting Tampa. 

The 2012 Tampa RNC convention was designated as a National Special Security Event, which meant that ultimate authority over law enforcement went to the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security, what will Cleveland do? The federal government provided $50 million for Tampa RNC Convention security. Much of the money went to deputizing additional police. Other expenses included expanded surveillance technology and an armored SWAT vehicle.

(CNN) The morning after a protest outside a Donald Trump speech turned violent, officials in Cleveland insisted that they are prepared to keep the peace during the Republican Convention in July. “We have been here on the ground full time since last fall,” said Ron Rowe, the Secret Service official coordinating security preparations for the event. Concerns about disturbances outside the convention are high, after protesters outside several of Trump’s speeches this year have become unruly. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Tuesday night, rioters threw objects and stomped on police cars.
Black Bloc Thugs Had Weapons Stashed in Their Backpacks and Around the Tampa RNC. CBS 10 NEWS TV TAMPA September 1st, 2012. Police say the threat of violence was real. Sanitary workers found caches of poles and bricks in unusual places. And undercover intelligence revealed that some protesters had weapons in their backpacks. However, a strong showing of force and a willingness to de-escalate tensions proved successful. “They were wanting to feed off our aggression. We didn’t give them that and as a result, we just shut’em down,” said Col. Ed Duncan of the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office. 
No Police Chief or Mayor in any city in the USA or in Europe has ever been able to shut down and control the violence of the Black Bloc except for what TPD Boss Jane Castor did in Tampa Fl. These violent anarchist groups became a non-entity, a minor footnote in the Tampa RNC.
Black Bloc Anarchists Violence Aimed at Donald Trump at Cleveland RNC JUL17 Shut Down TRUMP & the RNC Sun 4 PM · 3615 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH. 183 people interested · 77 people going. March Against Racism, Islamophobia, Attacks on Immigrants and on LGBTQ* people and Endless War! Build Peoples Resistance! RALLY 4pm Sunday, July 17 (Site of last session of People’s Convention for Peace & Justice) MARCH to City Hall and the RNC Convention Center Co-sponsored by Solidarity Center NYC, Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement, Peoples Power Assemblies NYC, Peoples Power Assembly Balt, Moratorium NOW! Coalition, International Action Center.

Black Bloc Anarchists Violence Aimed at Donald Trump at Cleveland RNC, Shut Down TRUMP & the RNC Trump’s candidacy is drawing the most reactionary elements of the capitalist class to Cleveland for the RNC July 18 to 21. Their agenda is war, racism, raids and austerity. In mid July thousands of activists from across the country who have mobilized to shut down Trump’s vicious agenda will join hands with people of Cleveland who are determined to resist the right-wing RNC extravaganza. We urge support and unity for all the actions protesting Trump and the RNC – from the weekend People’s Convention to the Monday Dump Trump protest as the RNC opens, to all resistance through out the week.

Black Bloc Anarchists Violence Aimed at Donald Trump at Cleveland RNC, Resist the 2016 Cleveland RNC ….Banned items for Cleveland during the RNC include Gas Masks, Sabers, Tape, String, Canned Goods, and dozens of other items. All Parades / Marches must have a permit. You must follow the direct route the city has set up. You must present ID and Permit at the “Start zone” and you only get 50 minutes, Speakers only get 30. Republican National Convention Official Event Zone Permit Regulations (Official Parade Route, Park Use and Speakers Platform Regulations) May 25, 2016 WHEREAS, the City of Cleveland has been selected to host the 2016 Republican National Convention, see 

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