Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cleveland Black Bloc Terrorists Plotted to Blow up Cuyahoga Valley National Park Bridge What's Next For Trump and the RNC in July?

To effectively identify criminal anarchists among authentic protestors and demonstrators, officers need to know their common traits and physical identifiers. The most common symbol utilized by Black Bloc anarchists is the "Anarchy A," which is composed of a capital letter "A" within a circle. Officers may see this image in the form of graffiti, but more often as a body tattoo. Another common criminal anarchist tattoo consists of the letters "ACAB," which stand for All Cops Are Bastards. The black flag of anarchy also advertises the presence of criminal anarchists. 

The flag may appear as solid black or as a red and black divided rectangle, often hoisted in the air on flag sticks amid protesting crowds. The more dangerous criminal anarchist rioters can assault police security forces, and then easily blend back into the mob and disappear. Even when viewing video surveillance footage after a criminal riot and attempting to determine the problematic catalysts for the criminality, officers can have difficulty differentiating one anarchist from another. Criminal anarchists also often wear dark-colored bandanas tied loosely around their necks, which can be used as makeshift gas masks to rebuff chemical munitions should they be deployed by police.  
These facial coverings also conceal the wearer's identity. Criminal anarchists normally attempt to comingle in genuine protest demonstrations, and are known to wear their "Black Bloc" monochromatic uniform underneath outer clothes, so as not to immediately stand out in the crowd. Officers should also scan for backpacks, which may conceal containers of broken glass, acid-filled projectiles for throwing, or cans of spray paint for vandalism.
Cleveland Black Bloc Terrorists Plotted to Blow up Cuyahoga Valley National Park Bridge What's Next For Trump and the RNC in July? Back on May 1st, 2012, the FBI announced that 5 members of the Cleveland Black Bloc were arrested for attempting several acts of terrorism, see the photos of the dirtbags above, including the detonation of what they thought was an explosive device in an effort to destroy a local bridge, as well as an attack on the Federal Reserve Bank. The FBI arrested 5 Cleveland Black Bloc terrorists for plotting to blow up the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Bridge. The alleged terrorists repeatedly tried to blow up the bridge using C4 and cellphones. Brandon Baxter, Anthony Hayne, Joshua Stafford, Connor Stevens and Douglas Wright are "self-described anarchists," federal officials said.

Black Bloc Terrorists, Three men charged with conspiring to commit domestic terrorism during the NATO summit were plotting to attack and fire bomb President Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters, the Chicago mayor’s home and police stations, authorities said Saturday. A police investigation that began early this month revealed that the three suspects, Brian Church, 22, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Jared Chase, 27, of Keene, New Hampshire; and Brent Betterly, 24, Oakland, Fla., are “self-proclaimed anarchists” and members of the “Black Bloc” group who traveled together from Florida to Chicago to commit violence as a protest against the NATO summit, authorities said in a statement.

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