Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sarasota Herald Tribune to Downsize Their Offices and Move out of Current Building on Main St While the Newsroom Staff has Decided to go Union

YOUROBSERVER.COM ..The Sarasota Herald-Tribune is slated to move out of its iconic downtown building into three floors in the SunTrust building next door. The Herald-Tribune Media Group has signed a letter of intent to move its headquarters from 1741 Main St. in Sarasota to 3 floors of the 10-story SunTrust Bank building next door, at 1777 Main St. The move would save the Herald-Tribune, which is owned by New York-based Gatehouse Media, roughly $900,000 annually in operating costs, based on rental rates quoted for the SunTrust building versus the cost to remain in 1741 Main St. “The local newspaper industry continues to face difficult headwinds nationwide. As an industry, and as a local media organization, we are in a turbulent transformation.” — Herald-Tribune publisher Pat Dorsey. In recent years, the newspaper company’s space requirement has been steadily shrinking amid decreasing requirements and downsizing. The move also would cap more than a year of activity at the 1741 Main St. property. Owner Stephens Capital retained commercial brokerage firm JLL to lease and sell the building, and nearly has a deal to consolidate the Herald-Tribune to the building’s second floor. Talks between the newspaper and the Little Rock, Ark.-based investment firm — formerly a co-owner of the media company — broke down, however, after Gatehouse brought in a Syracuse, N.Y., firm to scout out potential sites for development. The possible shift in locations also comes as the media company’s editorial staff and photojournalists have petitioned to form a union with the National Labor Relations Board. A formal election to decide whether to unionize under the Newspaper Guild/Communications Workers of America is likely to take place by the end of September. Dorsey, in a statement in response to the NLRB petition, says he is “very disappointed” in the union effort.

Possible case of too little too late for Sarasota Herald Tribune, too bad. Newsroom employees at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune took steps to unionize Wednesday, August 18th 2016 just days after journalists at a sister publication, the Lakeland Ledger, officially became the first newspaper in modern Florida history to form a newsroom union. The move also comes a day after Gatehouse Media, which owns both papers, announced a round of company-wide buyouts to reduce staff again, with the threat of layoffs if reduction targets aren’t met. The Herald Tribune newsroom has also lost 16 employees since Gatehouse bought the paper in a deal that closed in early 2015, according to union organizers. Leaders of the effort in the newsroom were quick to say that they are not dissatisfied with local management. Rather, they said the union drive reflected concerns that Gatehouse was not supportive of the “impact journalism” the paper has become known for, and they want a seat at the table when future changes are discussed. Staffers in the newsroom had been talking about trying to unionize for “a long time,” and that Tuesday’s buyout announcement was not a factor. Donald Trump is Right the Media is Sleazy: Sarasota Herald Tribune Bans PI Bill Warner from comment section, LOL. “Bill Warner PI you have been banned from our comment section. Reason: You have been permanently banned for repeat violations of our Terms of Service in our comment section. Yeah, telling the truth!
SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE BANS PI BILL WARNER: The final straw was PI Bill Warner doxxing another commenter as per moderator and Internet Sensor Alan Shaw at the Sarasota Herald Tribune. Yeah, telling the truth!
Internet Sensor Alan Shaw at the Sarasota Herald Tribune Had a Hand in Banning PI Bill Warner from Comment Section, Oh No Banned by a Geek, LOL.  
I have been critical of the reporting by the Sarasota Herald Tribune for years especially lately the coverage of Donald Trump by reporter Zac Anderson, their far left liberal reports usually gloss over the basics of Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Journalism 101.
Who did that?
What happened?
When did it take place?
Where did it take place?
Why did that happen?
How did it happen?

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