Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ex-Con Gordon Gautreaux Posts Donald Trump Death Threat on ABC-7 Facebook Page Prior to Rally at Barnacle Bill's Seafood Rest Sarasota Fl Gordon Has Priors for Bomb Threats.

These are Hillary Clinton's Deplorable People! Yesterday I was tipped off by one the readers of my website that Gordon Gautreaux had posted a death threat to GOP Candidate for president Donald Trump on the local Sarasota news TV station ABC-7 Facebook page whereby he said, "He (Donald Trump) deserves to be assassinated", in today's tumultuous times and given the fact that just a few days ago a deranged maniac was trying to blow up lower Manhattan I looked further into who Gordon Gautreaux was. It turns out Gordon Gautreaux DOB 2/2/1968, did time in the Florida State prison system for battery on LEO and Bomb Threat, that was in Manatee County, he was also arrested in Sarasota County for issuing another Bomb Threat.

Charges: Prison Sentence Length for Gordon Gautreaux:
1).12/05/2004 RESISTING POLICE W/
2). 06/06/2005 THREAT TO BOMB MANATEE 1Y 1M 0D
FLORIDA State Prison Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody Date Out-of-Custody
09/21/2006......... 10/13/2006

** Secret Service take note for next time Mr. Trump is in the Tampa Bay Area. I wonder if Democrat Hillary Clinton supporter and Donald Trump hater Gordon Gautreaux showed up today for the GOP-Democrat rally at Barnacle Bill's Seafood in Sarasota Fl, yesterday Gordon posted on ABC 7 Facebook that Donald J. Trump "deserves to be assassinated", WTF? Gordon has priors for bomb threats in Sarasota County and Manatee County and did Florida State prison time for one, hell of a Democrat fan base in Sarasota Florida.

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