Sunday, October 30, 2016

15 Top Gun Pocket Holsters: My Choices are Galco, De Santis and Uncle Mike's for easy draw and concealment.

15 Top Gun Pocket Holsters: My Choices are Galco, De Santis and Uncle Mike's for easy draw and concealment. I use a Galco leather pocket holster for my Smith and Wesson 'Airweight' 5 shot .38 caliber revolver. I use a De Santis pocket holster for my Ruger 6 shot laser sight .380 caliber pistol and I use a Uncle's Mike's pocket holster for my 'Baby Beretta' .25 caliber 9 shot pistol.
It is easy to get hung up on firearm-hardware questions when it comes to legally carrying a firearm for self-defense. Do I want a semi-automatic pistol or a snub-nose revolver? Do I pick a teensy .380 or a chopped .45? It can all be so overwhelming that when you finally select your firearm and matching ammunition, it is easy to be lulled into thinking you are done—but that is not the case. You still need to select a way to carry that firearm. You need to choose a holster. This should be simple enough, right? Not exactly. In fact, there a multitude of ways that you can carry a gun, ways that are as varied as the types of guns from which you can choose. From donning a shoulder holster to all the way down to strapping the gun to your ankle, you have a lot of choices. But when it comes to pocket-sized guns, it kind of makes sense to figure out a way to carry them in your pocket, does it not?  Sure, there are downsides to carrying a gun in your pocket: It is practically impossible to access it while sitting, drawing from here can be awkward and somewhat slow, etc. But the advantages are equally as compelling: You can quickly and easily drop the gun and holster into your pocket, you can have your hand on your gun while in a completely non-threatening pose, etc.

DeSantis Nemesis
Sporting one of the more eye-catching monikers in the pocket-holster realm, the DeSantis Nemesis packs a lot of engineering into a small package. Priced at $25.99, the Nemesis features an aggressive exterior that is designed to grab the inside of your pocket and remain there when you draw. A smooth inner lining ensures your compact revolver or semi-automatic draws easily and quickly when you need it. For more information, visit

Galco Front Pocket Holster
Available for a wide range of compact revolvers and semi-autos and priced at $64.95, the Front Pocket Holster from Galco Gunleather is a great option for your preferred pocket gun. The Front Pocket Holster is constructed of rough-out texture horsehide, features a “double hook” shape designed to catch the pocket and remain in the pocket during a draw, and is ambidextrous. For more information, visit

Versacarry Water Buffalo Pocket Holster
Designed for small .25 to .380 ACP semi-automatic pistols, the handmade Pocket Holster from Versacarry is now being offered in water buffalo leather and is priced at $19.99. The company states that the break-in period is reduced by 80 percent over a traditional leather unit, and the color changes when pressure is applied. The ambidextrous holster is available in distressed brown, black or antique brown colors and for pistols both with and without lasers equipped. For more information, visit

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