Tuesday, November 08, 2016

A&E Network Investigates Long Island Serial Killer "LISK" Starting Nov 12 on The Killing Season

New Documentary Series 'The Killing Season' To Focus On Gilgo Serial Killer Mystery. A new series to premiere this weekend on A&E will hit home for local viewers in Long Island, and will urge them to connect with the case in a tangible way: by joining cyber-sleuths online to see if a malicious phantom known only as the “Long Island Serial Killer,” or LISK, can be crowd-sourced into custody.

The resulting miniseries took some three years to put together, and it expands the topic beyond LISK and Gilgo Beach to the general issue of sex workers being the target of serial killers throughout the United States—the filmmakers go to Atlantic City, Daytona Beach and other communities where similar crimes have occurred. The problem has grown as online listings have become a popular way for “escorts” to find clients. Many times, they are men and women “living off the grid,” Mr. Kolker noted, and thus often not immediately missed, nor easily identified; in fact, the remains of three women, a man and a baby found along Ocean Parkway are still unidentified five years after they were discovered. see http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/East-End/500940/New-A

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