Friday, January 20, 2017

Black Bloc Terrorists Rise Up Out of the Sewers and Riot Smashing Store and Car Windows In Washington at President Donald Trump's Inauguration

WASHINGTON — Black-clad activists protesting President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration smashed store and car windows in Washington on Friday, the Black Bloc terrorists showed up and were shut down by the cops. Throughout Inauguration Day there were large numbers of people protesting against Mr Trump. Most of these protests were peaceful. However, earlier almost 100 protesters were arrested after groups of black-clad anarchists (black bloc) smashed the windows of businesses and cars and threw projectiles at police.  
D.C. Interim Police Chief Peter Newsham said officers arrested more than 90 people in connection with protests that turned violent and caused “significant damage to a number of blocks in our city.” 

But despite the violence, which was vividly captured by some television networks such as Fox News, the disruption was limited to only several blocks and did not affect the inauguration celebrations. By nightfall in Washington, large numbers of protesters were still grouped together but speeches had ended and several had started to leave.
Black Bloc Terrorists who started a Riot at President Donald Trump's Inauguration better watch out as a new sheriff is in town! Violent protests erupted in downtown Washington on Friday, with a limousine set on fire just half a mile from Donald Trump's victory parade and protesters lobbing rocks into lines of police. Smoke filled the streets as the limousine burnt, with police filling the area and firing tear gas at protesters. There were more than 217 arrests over the course of the afternoon, six police officers suffered minor injuries and the area remained tense into the evening.
I was there in 2012 at the Tampa RNC and the only things that kept the Black Bloc Anarchists under control were the threat of a hurricane and a strong police presence. Black Bloc Thugs Had Weapons Stashed in Their Backpacks and Around the Tampa RNC. CBS 10 NEWS TV TAMPA September 1st, 2012. Police say the threat of violence was real. Sanitary workers found caches of poles and bricks in unusual places. 
Undercover intelligence revealed that some protesters had weapons in their backpacks. However, a strong showing of force and a willingness to de-escalate tensions proved successful. “They were wanting to feed off our aggression. We didn’t give them that and as a result, we just shut’em down,” said Col. Ed Duncan of the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office.

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