Friday, October 06, 2017

Sarasota Herald Trib Tech Dude & Weasel Alan Shaw Causes Candice McElyea's PR Firm to Loose School Board Contract for Online Comments, Shaw Banned me for Life From Trib Comments Section

WARNING: Herald Tribune is tracking your IP address, and you, when you comment in their online publication. Sarasota Herald Trib Digital Dude & Weasel 'Alan Shaw' Causes Candice McElyea's PR Firm to Loose Contract with School Board for Online Comments, This Jerk 'Shaw' Banned me for Life From Trib Comments Section. The Herald-Tribune Media Group signed a letter of intent to move its headquarters from 1741 Main St. in Sarasota to 3 floors of the 10-story SunTrust Bank building next door, at 1777 Main St, 'Moving On Down the Road". I have been critical of the reporting by the Sarasota Herald Tribune for years their far left liberal reports usually gloss over the basics of Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Journalism 101. Who did that? What happened? When did it take place? Where did it take place? Why did that happen? How did it happen? 

It appears that the IP goons at the Sarasota Herald Tribune are tracking the IP address of local citizens when they comment online to get your name, address, phone number and place of employment, KGB tactics. You don’t have to be a secret agent or a notorious hacktivist to care about anonymity. Even regular Joes like you and I have plenty of good reasons to care about the privacy and security of our online activity. Pretty soon, just about everything we do on the Web will be logged, analyzed, and used for things outside of our control. In a lot of ways, it’s already happening –read on.
Digital dude Alan Shaw at the Herald Tribune is the guy who tracks your IP address when you make comments in their online publications, if he does not like what you say he bans you and blocks your IP address for a month or a year or in my case forever, truly a case of a weasel geek who is power happy. Digital Dude & Weasel 'Alan Shaw' is the guy who tracked the IP address of PR firm president Candice McElyea and instituted the BIG Herald Tribune investigation over nothing, such a bullshit newspaper, no wonder they had to sell their building on Main Street in Sarasota and move into smaller quarters next door at a bank building and no wonder columnist Tom Lyons, their only big draw, QUIT!
10/5/2017....A Herald-Tribune investigation discovered online comments under other names linked to PR firm president Candice McElyea’s IP address. The president of a public relations firm retained by the Sarasota County school district announced her firm’s resignation Thursday afternoon after a Herald-Tribune investigation discovered that online comments at first appearing to be from independent individuals matched an IP address linked to firm president Candice McElyea. Superintendent Todd Bowden told the Herald-Tribune in a private interview that he asked McElyea to resign Thursday morning. “After being provided the posts from the Herald-Tribune, I contacted Candice McElyea of ThreeSixOh Communications, and she did not deny that the posts were originated from her firm,” Bowden said in the interview with the Herald-Tribune. “After receiving that confirmation, I have requested that she resign as the public relations firm representing the school district.” Multiple devices connected to the same network can have the same IP address. Four accounts on the Herald-Tribune’s site that had an IP address linked to McElyea — as well as another that also had the same IP address as the firm president — posted comments on 11 Herald-Tribune stories on four subjects since they were created. All of the stories involved McElyea’s clients. All the comments supported their positions (SO WHAT). One of the stories detailed questions raised about the contract that McElyea’s firm had gotten from the district. Another was about accusations of sexual harassment against then-superintendent candidate Todd Bowden, who had hired her to represent him during that time. The investigation into the sexual harassment allegations was inconclusive (FALSE) and Bowden was hired as superintendent.

Donald Trump is Right the Media is Sleazy: Sarasota Herald Tribune Bans PI Bill Warner from comment section, forever, LOL. “Bill Warner PI you have been banned from our comment section. Reason: You have been permanently banned for repeat violations of our Terms of Service in our comment section. The final straw was Bill Warner doxxing another commentator, as per moderator Alan Shaw at the Sarasota Herald Tribune.” Alan Shaw @AlanCShaw @Heraldtribune digital dude, appears to have had a hand in banning me from the comment section of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, what an A-Hole.

The crack 'crime reporter' for the Herald Trib has taken to using my investigative work as his own, he wrote yesterday, 10/4/2017, about missing Jabez Spann out of Newtown, "Jabez’s family said they feel some comfort knowing that the FBI is now assisting state and local law enforcement to find Jabez, who went missing on Labor Day, 9/4/2017 after a candlelight vigil for Travis Combs. The Sarasota Police Department reported that Combs, 31, was found dead on 8/28/2017 at about 9:20 p.m. near 22nd Street and Palmadelia Avenue. Jabez lived about 450 feet away."The unsolved death of Combs has not yet been connected to the teen’s disappearance despite rumors. I suppose I am the 'rumor source', Travis Combs was murdered, shot in the back, because he was selling drugs on another dealer's turf, the shooter had just got out of prison for cocaine sales. I am the only person who has linked missing Jabez to the unsolved murder of Travis Combs and I wrote about it on 9/26/2017 see HERE, and I am the only person who actually went up to 22nd Street in Newtown and walked the distance from the murder site of Travis Combs to the home of Jabez Spann on 23rd Street, door to door, and it 453 feet not 450, don't round off things Trib.

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